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Will nursery upset our bf routine?

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Guendaline Thu 17-Jan-13 12:41:01

I really hope I'll be able to say that he hasn't even shed a tear. We'll see smile

feekerry Wed 16-Jan-13 19:53:40

Honestly it will be fine. My dd is now 10 months and v reliant on bf. Never had a bottle, fed completely on demand, hardly any solids, fed to sleep and never spent more than a couple of hours away from her until i went back to work few weeks ago.
I couldn't possibly see how it was going to work but it has worked brilliantly. I feed dd as much as she wants in the morning (usually co sleep from 5am ish so she has free access!) then i leave her with some ebm which she has from a cup throughout the day and i feed her as soon as i get in at 5pm as much as she wants. On my days off she feeds on demand throughout the day. Apparently she doesn't take much ebm throughout the day but i feel better if i know its there for her.her solid and water intake has increased loads.
I am amazed at how she and my boobs have just adapted. Apparently she hasn't even shed a tear when i am not there!!!
Honestly it will be fine. Just go with it!!!

Guendaline Wed 16-Jan-13 19:19:01

Thank you very much for your reassuring message. I am very worried about leaving him and about upsetting our bf routine but your kind words have helped me a great deal!

BettyStogs Tue 15-Jan-13 22:33:49

Hi Guendaline, my DS started nursery at about the same age, for 4 full days a week. He adapted really well with bf first thing, when we got home and at bedtime. To begin with I was expressing at work and sending ebm in with him but gradually reduced this and he now only has cows milk at nursery.

On non-nursery days he bfs several times during the day, more so if we're at home rather than out and about. I wouldn't say he bfs more now than before he started nursery , but he's showing no signs of wanting to stop! Bf can be a great comfort so if your DS is a bit unsettled starting nursery he nag need it more.

In relation to sleep, I always fed to sleep for naps (still do at bedtime) but he sleeps fine at nursery. Again I think babies can be quite adaptable, and nursery staff are pros at getting babies to sleep.

Guendaline Tue 15-Jan-13 20:32:39

DS is almost 12 months and he will start nursery shortly. He'll be there for the morning session only and a total of 5 hours away from me. I'm really dreading leaving him and I think he'll be very upset.
At the moment, he bf first thing when he wakes up and then a few more times during the morning if we're at home. If we're out he generally bf early morning, after lunch and then a long evening stretch.
I'm really worried that he may fall out of his big routine and decide he doesn't need to bf anymore. Has this ever happened? Or is the opposite more likely, i.e. that he' more than usual when I pick him up?
Also I'm worried that he will not know how to go to sleep without boobie. He only falls asleep while bf or in the pushchair or on the car. He doesn't have.a dummy or a blankie or other thing to comfort himself with. Is there something that I could introduce to make him less sad while he's away from me?
Thanks for any advice!

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