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I'm worried about my skinny baby

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SpanielFace Mon 14-Jan-13 04:33:03

DS is 19 weeks. He is EBF after a rocky start - he had a tongue tie which caused poor milk transfer & static weight, and it took him until 4 weeks old to return to birth weight (6 lb 10). The tongue tie was snipped at 5 weeks old.

Since then his weight gain has been slow but steady, and he's hovered around the 2nd centile. My DH is very slim so I wasn't too worried, and he's been progressing normally.

In the last week, his feeding/sleeping patterns have gone crazy. I assumed it was a growth spurt / 4 month sleep regression, and have been trying to just "ride it out" - the 2 hour afternoon feeding sessions, hourly night wakings etc. But as well as this, he's starting slurping/clicking on the nipple like he did when he had the tongue tie, and I'm worried it could have reformed (posted on this elsewhere). He's also not pooed for 10 days, alarmingly - I know breastfed babies can do this but he's normally at least every other day. And when I looked at him the other night, really looked when he was naked, I was shocked by how thin he looked - I can count every vertebra, and clearly see his bottom 2 ribs & pelvic bones from the back. shock

My mum is a HV in a different area of the UK, so I asked her to weigh him this afternoon when she was over, and his weight is now below the 0.4% centile. shock Length is on the 9th centile. DM said to try not to worry but to see the feeding consultant who had diagnosed tongue tie, I have an appointment tomorrow.

I'm so worried about my little boy. Sometimes I think I've done him no favours being dogmatic about the breastfeeding (and believe me, it was bloody hard work, especially before the tongue tie was treated). I love him so much, I wanted to give him the best possible start but he looks like he's starving at the moment. I feel like my body has failed me, like it was all one big lie that my milk supply would be enough for him & that treating the tongue tie was the answer.

I don't know what the feeding consultant will say. If the TT has recurred, I don't know whether I can face having it re-snipped at his age, or if it's even worth it. I don't know whether I should think about supplementary formula (I'm not anti FF by any means), or early weaning (I had wanted to do baby led weaning, but again, am not anti-purees), or what would be best. I just want to do whatever is best for him.

I'm getting upset sitting here feeding him in the dark and feeling how light he is compared to my friends' babies of the same age, and how I can feel all the bumps in his spine sad.

Does anyone have any wise words? Should I be worried about the lack of poo? Is his little body just using every ounce if my milk at the moment or something? How is best to try to increase his weight gain? Has anyone here dealt with similar?

Whatevertheweather Mon 28-Jan-13 16:02:10

Wow! That is great news Spaniel smile well done you for making the right decision for all of you.

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