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reflux 8 week old.

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jave Sat 12-Jan-13 14:30:42

My 8 week old is bringing up most of her feeds. Its probably worse for me than for her, she doesn't seem bothered! We had infant gaviscon for a week and it settled her, we have now finished and she has gone back to bringing up feeds (sometimes projectile). She has aptamil 1 and I have just discovered Apiamil anti-reflux. I have not given her any as yet. Making up the feeds seems a bit of a kerfuffle, also she has a 5oz bottle at the moment and it seems that this formula requires you to have a larger bottle due to the way it thickens up. Has anyone used this product who can give me some advice. My friend suggested changing brand altogether as it may be aptamil itself? please help. Lots of advice, not sure what to do with it!

wewereherefirst Sat 12-Jan-13 19:42:13

If it's reflux that responded to Gaviscon I would look at seeing the doctor for more. Does your daughter seem okay otherwise? Di you wind her frequently? Is she having too much milk and bringing it up?

ZuleikaD Sun 13-Jan-13 06:27:34

If she's not bothered then it's probably not reflux, it's just normal baby posseting. Was she diagnosed by a HCP with reflux? All babies throw up - some are just happy sickers. If she's not distressed by it then don't try to medicate it - it's a laundry problem not a medical one.

Purplelooby Mon 14-Jan-13 22:14:19

If the gaviscon worked then go to the GP and keep her on it - it isn't taken up in the gut so doesn't do them any harm. As far as Aptamil anti-reflux, I think it has a similar effect to the Gaviscon, just in a slightly different way, so the cheaper option is to get Gaviscon on prescription. Oh and you can't use both together.

We also found that moving to Hipp helped DS' reflux, but I don't know whether all babies would react the same.

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