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How many of you have express breast fed?

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Spice17 Sat 12-Jan-13 10:30:58

I do because DD wouldn't really latch (tongue tie) but looking at the recent threads on BF and FF, I didn't see many comments on that option, am wondering if people just say they're BF when they're doing it? (which they obviously still are!)

I'm genuinely asking because my friends who BF think expressing sounds like hard work but compared to trying to carry on, for me it was a good solution.

The only thing is, you absolutely need a good pump or you'll find yourself sitting for half an hour getting nothing and at 3.00am that can be a bit soul destroying!

I'd be interested to know how people who do it find it and whether they would do it again (in place of even attempting BF?) I'd do it again even though the annoying microwave beeping noise after steralising the bottles sends me into a rage now!

Spice17 Mon 14-Jan-13 20:36:40

preggers, sounds like you've had a really rough time but still persevering, well done you!

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