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Cow's milk as a drink at 11mo. Is this ok?

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nannyl Fri 11-Jan-13 18:00:35

babies who are mainly breast fed are technically allowed some cow milk to drink from 6m anyway

It will be fine, and is even "allowed" smile

DD self weaned at 14m but drank cow milk with her tea from 9m.... just because she was a bottle refuser and it was nice to know that if i wasnt there for any reason it was possible for her to drink milk (from a cup)

pjd Fri 11-Jan-13 17:40:07

Thanks, that's pretty much what I was thinking.

showtunesgirl Fri 11-Jan-13 15:31:54

DD went to her CM when she was 11 months and 1 week and we went straight to cow's milk as well. I believe the advisory is that they are not supposed to have cow's milk as their MAIN drink but I figured like you that seeing as she was very much a foodie baby by this point and the majority of her milk was still BM that it would be ok.

I've read that there quite a few BF babies who don't take milk from bottles / cups and they just have water until BM becomes available and they are fine at this age.

pjd Fri 11-Jan-13 14:43:08

DS is 10 months. I will be going back to work when he is 11 months. I'll be working full time and realistically will have very little time during the working day to express (I'm a teacher), so I need to figure out what to do about his milk intake during the day. He is happy to take a bottle, so no problems there. I was thinking of getting nursery/grandparents to give him cow's milk during the day, and I'll continue to bf in the evening/night time. I know cow's milk isn't recommended as a drink under 1, but how strict is this? Can it really do him any harm at 11 months? He is obviously well established on solids now so is getting the necessary vitamins/minerals etc. there.

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