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7 weeks. Still engorged and uber-leaky

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nillynoon Sat 12-Jan-13 20:28:33

I have one crazy boob that will soak through a triple folded muslin while I feed on the other side. Going to try breast shells to catch the drips

McBaby Fri 11-Jan-13 18:12:14

It's really not fun had similar issues. It astray you have so much milk for your little one but not so much fun for you. Have a look at the Kellymom website for over supply and how to deal with it. Your supply will calm down at some point but if not you can use se I the tactics from there. Mine calmed down after about 12 weeks I then did se block feeding to reduce it further.

PeppaPrig Fri 11-Jan-13 08:40:44

I haven't expressed at all (well, once about 5 weeks ago). Am confused and a bit fed up but too tight to switch to formula.

mummybee23 Fri 11-Jan-13 07:12:09

My midwife told me LO regulates milk by stimulation. When latched on baby will create what he needs for next feed. When self expressing breasts can become over stimulated. I was advised hot bath and massage engorged breasts. Express until empty and start again. If expressing only express everytime baby feeds alternating each breast so they both don't become engorged.

PeppaPrig Fri 11-Jan-13 06:28:22

Dc2 is 7 weeks today.
One of my boobs is loads bigger than the other, and leaks through pads v quickly. I change my top 3-5 times daily (when it's drenched, not just a little mark).
It is also v firm.

This morning/last night both boobs were massively engorged - like day 3. Milk is flying everywhere, too much/fast for ds. So much leakage too.

When will they self-regulate and start to get better rather than worse?

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