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Help! My nipples have been bitten to shreds!

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Geckoandthemonkey Thu 10-Jan-13 13:42:25

Thanks for replying. Ds hasn't bitten again since I've begun 'avoiding' feeding but my nipples are still burning and are cracked and after doing some googling I'm beginning to suspect I or baby have thrush and may need treatment for it. bunnysmummy I have been using olive oil in place of Lanisoh. Last night when ds chomped down on me (for the last time!) I took him off boob and put him on the floor facing away from me and said sternly 'no biting'. BigBoPeep I also want to avoid bottles but if my breasts don't show signs of healing and that unpleasant chaffing feeling of ds's teeth on my nipples when he's feeding doesn't show signs of stopping, I may seriously consider giving him a bottle. My welfare is important too.

BigBoPeep Wed 09-Jan-13 22:40:51

sympathies, we are there too - mine's 9mo and goes through phases of biting. Those first two were razor sharp, and now you can see her testing out the new pair meeting on my nipple! I'm freaking out, but saying NO only makes her laugh, and she loves being on the floor! Pushing her face into the boob isn't going to work either as she doesnt chomp down and not let go, just gives me a quick nip!

I've not been NEAR a bottle so far, but this is going to speed the process up! She's been taking a lot of solids recently and really has barely had any milk today at all. I'm a bit concerned she won't have had enough to drink, but she's seemed cheerful and healthy otherwise, so I won't stress too much over it...with any luck she's self weaning, and I think I'll just get a bit of formula and stick it in food (weetabix etc) rather than bottle feeding.

Feel a bit sad though as I thought I'd make it to a year.

bunnysmummy Wed 09-Jan-13 18:10:02

oh dear, poor you.
Firstly to stop him biting. When he bites, take him off the boob and put him down and walk away. I did this with my dd after reading it somewhere. Worked after a couple of goes.
Secondly get some lansinoh lanolin cream to help yo.ur nipples heal quickly.

Geckoandthemonkey Wed 09-Jan-13 15:43:16

My 8.5 month old son has decided to use me as a teething ring. First his bottom central incisors came through and they're razor sharp and currently all 4 top incisors are coming through together. I am sat here in tears from the pain. Up until now he has been breastfed on demand and we've been doing blw. I am now considering putting him onto a bottle sad Could I avoid breastfeeding for a couple of days to give my nipples a chance to heal? (there is a little skin missing off both nipples and one is swollen and particularly sensitive). All advice greatly appreciated.

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