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Taking milk from a cup

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RunnerHasbeen Mon 07-Jan-13 11:52:51

We are really struggling to get 13mo DD to start having her milk from a cup. It has been great when weaning that she could tell us whether she wanted milk or water (by pointing at either bottle or cup), but now that has backfired and if she even sees a cup when she wants milk she has a tantrum.

We have tried a range of cups, some that look more like bottles. She would only ever take milk from the Medela bottle though, no other bottle. We probably should have tackled this fussiness sooner, but didn't, so need to know where to go now. We have tried putting milk in a cup during snack time and not making a fuss about it, just letting her have a drink at her own pace, but as soon as she knows it is milk in the cup she shouts and throws it. She isn't angry about the lack of water as she has a water cup as well, she is angry at the trick or unexpectedness.

She sleeps well as long as she has had enough to eat. The only time she hasn't slept through is when we have been trying to get the milk cup going and she has chosen to refuse rather than take it. If we try to give her milk in a cup at night she wakes up properly, instead of staying sleepy, and just gets more and more angry and upset. She is really strong willed and knows what she wants, but doesn't always get it (she would like not to wear a nappy, for example). Any tips - we have the dentist at the end of the month and I would love to have stopped the bottle by then.

ZuleikaD Mon 07-Jan-13 15:49:43

It's not a problem for her not to be having milk to drink. She can get calcium from lots of other sources so don't worry about giving up the bottles. They can go, and you can reintroduce drinking-milk later on. She doesn't need milk at bedtime any more.

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