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When to start training baby to use Avent sippy cup?

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Zara1984 Sun 06-Jan-13 08:27:48

I recently spotted the Avent soft spout training sippy cup, and I'm wondering when other people started to train their babies to use it (or similar brand). On the packaging it seems to suggest 4-6 months (it's not really clear).

DS is 10 weeks and FF. He is starting to grab at his bottle and hold onto it, so I am soon going to start using the separate handles you can get for Avent bottles for him to hold on to/rest his hands on.

When you start to train a baby to use these, what is the goal? That they should soon be using them for every feed? Daytime feeds? When they can somewhat competently hold the bottle themselves?

lightrain Sun 06-Jan-13 08:31:35

Introduce when you start weaning, with water only. Once they get the hang of it, then you can switch to milk in a cup, but the guidelines are to move from bottle to cup by 1 year, so there's really no rush. At 10 weeks, milk will come out of a cup too quickly for your DC (that's why bottle tests are different ages, the hole gets bigger as the age goes up).

lightrain Sun 06-Jan-13 08:32:20

*teats not tests

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