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Baby kicking while bfeeding

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needsadviceplease Fri 04-Jan-13 11:07:09

Help. sad

This ought to be a v minor nuisance, but I'm struggling: my baby kicks me a lot whilst bf lying down (generally when feeding to sleep for naps and at bedtime). He also quite often kicks, if he can find something to kick against, whilst feeding sitting up. It doesn't hurt, usually, but it makes me very cross. He's done it since he was tiny and I thought he'd get bored, but he's 8mo and still does it most days.

I've tried moving myself around in every position I can think of. He always finds some bit of me to push his feet into. He always ends up moving himself out of position and I have to move him back so he can latch on again.

I'd like to know, firstly, is this normal? He also likes to pinch and knead at my breast and although this can be painful, I can deal with it better knowing it's fairly normal and comforting to him. Also, does anyone have any thoughts on either stopping it or dealing with the anger it causes - I don't want to feel like this when nursing.

Due to undiagnosed TT and recurrent thrush, bf was v painful for me for months. It's okay now, but I wonder if I'm v anxious about pain and discomfort during bf as a result. DS nurses frequently and is a sensitive soul - I don't want to cut down on it and I don't want to stop feeding to sleep either - I just want to work out a way to not feel so angry with my precious baby, since he's surely not doing anything 'wrong'.

That was longer than intended! Sorry.

JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 04-Jan-13 11:33:58

Can totally sympathise and feeling cross can be normal too. Have a google of kellymom nursing manners.

needsadviceplease Fri 04-Jan-13 19:32:27

Thanks JJJ - I'll have a look.

McBaby Fri 04-Jan-13 20:12:28

Needs advice - have similar issues here! She pushes against everything!

Also have lots problems with tongue tie and thrush! How did you overcome it all! Still struggling with pain at 21 weeks!

needsadviceplease Fri 04-Jan-13 20:25:44

McBaby - iirc it was around the 20w mark that things really started to improve by themselves (sorry, prob not much use) - I guess he/we just grew out of being so affected by the tt. Hyper-vigilant positioning and latch helped (he also didn't cut any teeth til 7.5m, which no doubt helped). As that all improved the thrush also cleared, I imagine because my skin was no longer being constantly broken and irritated by a painful latch. (It is also possible that it was never actually thrush and just part of the whole tt pain thing, as I didn't have a swab, but it matched the symptoms perfectly and responded v v well to the systemic thrush drug I've forgotten the name of, so I'm fairly sure it was.) So sorry to hear you're struggling with all this too - bloody well done for persevering - I feel so so proud I did it.

I wonder whether there's any link between tt and the pushing-up-whilst-nursing thing? It's probably just coincidence. Late diagnosis of tt has made me inclined to blame every non-universal behaviour DS exhibits on his tie.

zoobaby Fri 04-Jan-13 23:04:36

DS (15 wks) has just started this. He's decided that kicking those legs out means fun times indeed and seems to just do karate kicks in mid-air. But of course this totally hurts his poor ol mum. I've been trying to distract him by removing him from breast and winding for a bit. Possibly a tactic that your LO is too old for?

DreamySleepyNightySnoozySnooze Fri 04-Jan-13 23:25:35

Oh wow, I could have written the op! My Ds2 is 16 weeks old, and has a tongue tie and upper lip tie which we're getting lasered soon.

We've had problems with recurrent thrush (like you I'm not even sure it was thrush but the symptoms matched and the thrush cream seemed to work…) and I've had mastitis twice. I often get cracked, bleeding nipples.

He kicks, thrashes and twists his head about while feeding, and I have to be very vigilant with his latch, as he pinches hard with his lips, and often slips to the end of my nipple during feeds. Sometimes he screams the house down and won't even try to latch on. I have to cuddle him until he calms down, then he will usually have a reasonable feed. No idea why he gets so upset. confused

I'm just praying the tongue and lip tie separation will solve all this, if it doesn't, I'm not sure what to do. sad

Well done for persisting through all this, I hope someone comes along to give you some good advice which I will steal!. You are not alone, it's bloody hard, painful, depressing, confusing, and maddening.

needsadviceplease Sat 05-Jan-13 10:17:22

Dreamy - I hope the laser sorts everything out for you and LO. I am now seriously, seriously curious as to whether there's a tt link here!

zoobaby - I sometimes stop the feed if it gets too much - but it's not ideal I don't think because I worry it screws up the bedtime routine consistency. I'm not sure how best to distract either - esp as I think it's usually his own distraction tactic to avoid sleep. hmm

It is v reassuring to not be alone in this now.

needsadviceplease Sun 06-Jan-13 09:42:56


<Failed nap fury>

DreamySleepyNightySnoozySnooze Tue 08-Jan-13 20:16:00

How are you getting on needsadvice? I hope things are improving for you. smile

needsadviceplease Wed 09-Jan-13 16:06:58

Thanks Dreamy - same as ever unfortunately! Really hoping that as he gets more and more mobile he'll work his energy off that way - it feels a bit as though that might be what it is, he's always been such a physically restless baby, not the sort who just melts into my arms iyswim. I don't understand why I can't manage to be more patient about it really - he is just a baby. sad

When is your ds getting his ties divided?

DreamySleepyNightySnoozySnooze Thu 10-Jan-13 16:37:36

We're going to see the dentist on Monday, for an assessment, then they will fax a letter to the insurance company detailing what they will do. Hopefully then the insurance will give us the go ahead and we can get it done asap. Such a faff!

Hopefully your theory is correct. Is he crawling? Maybe take him swimming to tire him out? You must have very good milk to be giving him so much energy! grin

needsadviceplease Thu 10-Jan-13 20:34:32

Hope everything goes through quickly and that it really helps you both.

Yes, just started crawling - I've noticed he doesn't struggle as much in my arms since he's started that. Still hit and miss with the energetic feeding though. Swimming's a good idea, thanks - even if it makes no difference it'll be a really nice thing for us to do. And I've got a pack of swimming nappies staring down at me from the shelf - I must use them before he outgrows them! grin
Nice to think of it being my milk giving him so much irrepressible bounce! I'll try to remember that next time I feel my hackles rising. Thanks!

DreamySleepyNightySnoozySnooze Thu 10-Jan-13 21:47:31

I'm just sorry that that's all the help I can offer you! I wish I could help more, I know how difficult and frustrating it can be. You just have to keep telling yourself, it won't be like this forever!

Yes, go swimming and have some fun with your Ds. We haven't been since I had Ds2, and I miss it. I can't fit back in my swimming costume yet though. blush

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