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How to stay awake during night feeds part 6 - all welcome to join us!

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funchum8am Thu 03-Jan-13 14:05:36

Hi everyone, cannot believe we have exchanged over 5000 messages!

mrsn when we shared our locations on here a while back, heff, goat and I all turned out to live near Uxbridge so we met up having met on here. It is lovely, if you are ever down south let us know!

macaroons sounds like we are in the same boat hmm I officially return to work on 15 Feb but that is actually the Friday before half term so only have that day and then another week off before full time return hits. I am lucky that DH is being a SAHD til 1st July so no drop offs, pick ups or worries about the childminder ringing me because babyfunch is ill etc, and she is in great hands with him, much as I have been critical of him til we talked it over recently. However I am worried about being at work on no sleep - I will get in a lot of trouble if I lose my rag with a pupil or indeed a member of my team (one of whom is a pain). I will have to perfect the art of letting some things go (eg uniform issues in the corridor as opposed to in my lessons - I spend a lot of time arguing with pupils about these and intend to stop save for the very worst!) and dealing with others by just reporting bad behaviour to heads of year rather than dealing with it myself. I am head of faculty so will focus just on what happens in lessons in my faculty rather than working quite so hard on having the best corridor behaviour in the school in my area - it is great having that but takes a lot of time, energy and conflict so it will just have to go n the back burner until I am getting proper sleep again. At this rate dd will be in year 7 by then herself and can help me!

MissingMyMarbles Wed 09-Jan-13 03:16:24

Second feed and just had transfer fail. Four hour stretch from 7.30 to 11.30 which is great and then three hours to 2.30. I suppose it is improving to what it has been of late but would love to have another long stretch from now.

Never thought about the sugar hangover, MrsN! That probably explains the starvation I have when I start SW.

Amey, we only have joint accounts, current and savings. We each have a credit card, although DH is a cardholder on mine, but he's only allowed to put food and fuel on it as I pay it out of our household account anyway. We get more exciting stuff on his grin

StitchAteMySleep Wed 09-Jan-13 03:35:14

Second feed here plus transfer fail so fed again and she's gone down.

Amey we share everything, have own accounts but linked 3rd party so I can access DH's account online. I am in charge of money anyway, but we jointly decide what to do with excess after bills.

StuntNun Wed 09-Jan-13 05:01:56

Third feed here but it was a mini one. We're at serious sleep deprivation now, DH was shouting at J to go to sleep which I found quite scary.

We do the opposite to you Amey, pay everything into the joint account then have standing orders to pay 'pocket money' into our personal account. DH earns more than me but I gave up my PGCE course so he could do his PhD so I don't see why he should have more cash to spend than me. He never manages to stick to a budget though but we've just stayed in the black through Christmas which is a first.

funchum8am Wed 09-Jan-13 05:51:31

Third feed here and for the first time in ages, no attempt to start the day before 4am! Feeds at 11, 2, 4 and 5.30 which for us is amazing, and she is dropping off again now on boob!

Have agreed with DH that we have proved she can do bottles and we will give one or two a day from now on, but I won't attempt to express every feed as it would be a huge amount of work! If she goes off bottles again before I return to work we will book her into the cm for a morning just before I go back as that always seems to work grin

We get paid into our own accounts and then pay the same amount each into a joint account for bills and mortgage. We are lucky as we earn almost exactly the same so we split everything 50/50 more or less. DH is currently paying all the bills and I will do the same when he is the sahp.

stuntshock at your DH, hope you are ok. Mine has been known to raise his voice to babyfunch and has received a right dressing down some helpful thoughts on the topic from me.

larlemucker Wed 09-Jan-13 06:04:37

On next feed, don't think boobs are happy about this as the feel very full for the first time!
Ds fed at about 2.30 but then refused to sleep! Wasn't crying just didn't want to sleep. Think he'll have to go back on boob after bottle as he is used to falling asleep on boob! Might try a dummy tomorrow!

larlemucker Wed 09-Jan-13 06:08:57

Oh and we have a joint account that we put a % of our wages in and which all the bills come out of. Our wages get paid into our own accounts

StitchAteMySleep Wed 09-Jan-13 06:28:17

Third feed and transfer fail, feeding again now, hoping she will go back to sleep.

larlemucker Wed 09-Jan-13 06:31:01

Transfer fail here to

GoatBongosAnonymous Wed 09-Jan-13 07:32:29

...and guess who won that round... confused

Still didn't feed properly though.

larlemucker Wed 09-Jan-13 07:53:16

Baby larle just won't sleep longer than 10 mins. Slept through till 2am feed but had to wake him for it and he hasn't slept properly since then.
Midwife said to feel him every 4 hours but starting to wish I hadn't woken him now

HeffalumpsAndWoozles Wed 09-Jan-13 09:44:47

Morning all smile

Finally feeling better, just a bit shaky and drained but nothing too bad. I don't think I've ever felt so ill, if it wasn't for my wonderful mum and sister helping out before and after work I don't know what I would have done. Nobody else was ill so although I was blaming the Chinese it looks more likely to have been a bug so glad I managed to shut myself away and hopefully haven't passed it on anywhere.

We had a really good night thankfully, DH & mum had her between them until half 10 ish then rocked her to sleep in the buggy and I slept on the sofa next to her as I couldn't face moving her. She slept through til 5am then was up singing for a bit until half 6, and just up now so I'm feeling mega lucky and so grateful for the rest.

amey we get paid into our solo accounts and I transfer pretty much everything into the joint account. I earn more than DH but we don't split things in a particular way, just put everything into the pot. The only things that come out of our solo accounts are personal direct debits, so DH's car loan payments before that got paid off, insurance and my phone bill. I have another separate account where i put some of my wages to pay for the animals (horse, rabbits, spider, snake). DH is terrible with money so I deal with it all, which means I nag a lot unfortunately sad

stunt that must have been upsetting for you. I remember DH yelling at DD1 when she was tiny and crying, I just took her away and asked him if he really thought that was going to help. He's got a much shorter fuse than me and was getting frustrated I think that he wasn't able to stop her crying. No excuse though and I did have a go at him later on.

funch glad baby funch is getting better with the bottles, that must be a relief now. I've started expressing regularly and I'm amazed how much easier it is than I found it with DD1, got a new pump through MN product testing and its fab.

My appetite is returning, I'm off to raid the cupboards for breakfast. Hope you all have nice days smile

StuntNun Wed 09-Jan-13 09:54:05

Thanks Funch and Heff. I'm a bit shouty myself after four hours sleep so I can't be too critical. It's more the worry that he'll be rough with him when he's in a temper, sometimes he jiggles J a bit too enthusiastically.

MrsNPattz Wed 09-Jan-13 10:03:50

Morning! We got another 5 hours smileit was needed!

Little man has his third jabs today sad hate them! Then I have the dentist, hate that too haha

heff hope you are feeling better!

marbles yes I sometimes get 'food hangovers' - makes it easier to start healthy eating!

GirlOutNumbered Wed 09-Jan-13 10:10:26

H everyone, I started posting a while but have been in Cornwall, so no Internet. I'm another teacher! Baby H is finally settling after 16 week growth spurt, at least he had a good night last night. Fingers crossedr

MrsNPattz Wed 09-Jan-13 13:59:12

That's twice today I have heard of babies sleeping through!! When I was getting him weighed there was a little girl next to us who must have been nearly 8 weeks cause they were speaking about the 8 week check, and I could hear the mum saying she was wearing a Gucci baby grow and had Dior shoes and a Fur coat, and was sleeping through the night! Then the dentists receptionist was saying her grandson is 12 weeks and sleeping through!! Do you think they are lying lol blush

Jabs were fine, he was a very brave boy. I'm just waiting to go in at the dentists, just have a clean so not too bad hmm

Ameybee Wed 09-Jan-13 15:40:07

We had jabs today too mrsn they were not as bad as last 2 lots. smile X

BigPigLittlePig Wed 09-Jan-13 16:12:00

MrsN of course they were lying. If someone were to ask me how dd was sleeping at night, whilst I was, lets say at the dentist, I would put a big smile on my face and say, "oh she's an angel, sleeps right through, I couldn't be more happy" etc etc. Then I would adjust the matchsticks propping open my eyelids and be on my way before I crumpled from exhaustion

funchum8am Wed 09-Jan-13 19:26:52

Talk of jabs on here reminded me to book babyfunch in for her next set and they can't fit her in so we have to go a week late. Should I make a fuss? I wish they would just book you in for the next lot when you go for the 8 and 12 week ones but they don't, you have to queue up or ring and the queue was ridiculous last time and I didn't think the people in it would like sharing their space with a screaming post-jab baby! Actually she calmed down pretty quickly but I had already left. Ok I could have rung a bit sooner but surely they should have the number of spaces needed for all the babies they saw four weeks previously?? And if extra people need to be seen, extend the clinic hours? Grr.

Goat and I did a buggyfit-style class today and it was hardcore...thank you goat for getting me to go and for delicious black bean chili and hospitality generally afterwards! I am going to be feeling the pain tomorrow big time!

funchum8am Wed 09-Jan-13 19:28:55

Mrsn the receptionist's son/daughter probably told her their baby is sleeping through when it isn't so she may be wrong but not lying. Tasteless Gucci lady definitely lying, I can tell by her boasting about her child's outfit <taking my judgypants off again now grin>

GoatBongosAnonymous Wed 09-Jan-13 19:42:43

I agree with funch about Gucci lady! grin

Ooh my arms ache... I can barely lift Kid!

Ameybee Wed 09-Jan-13 20:20:35

Oh yes people definitely lie! And i think by the phrase 'sleeping through it actually only means like midnight- 5am (I could be wrong but I'm sure that's what I heard!)!
I'm always really honest about it as I always look so knackered anyway!

I went to baby massage today, there was an interesting lady there who kept calling breast milk 'magic mummy milk' pass the bucket she proceeded to feed child - who did not appear hungry at all who then puked back the milk all session! Babybee enjoyed smiling at everyone, but sure I'm going to meet any mums through it but if he enjoys it then that's good.

My brother is having his op tonight - fingers crossed in a week the worry will be over.

Ps I might name change later - just because the bizarre spelling of my Christian name makes it very obvious who I am to anyone nosy work colleagues or anyone else I might slag off inadvertently! blush

MrsNPattz Wed 09-Jan-13 20:49:58

I could not believe what I was hearing - the hv was like 'oh she's got a better wardrobe than us.....', but seriously why spend that money on a little baby! I think it says something about the person (sorry if anyone has said makes for their baby - I'm just jealous grin)

amey how's little man after his jobs? All ok here - been a bit wingy and not slept much so he's tired, hoping it's a quick bed time! Hope everything goes ok with your brother.

goat and funch sounds like you had a lovely time - do you talk about us all when you are together haha

Turns out I have to go back to the dentist next week for a clean, filling and x rays - blah!!

MrsNPattz Wed 09-Jan-13 20:50:29

Obviously meant jabs not jobs blush

MissingMyMarbles Wed 09-Jan-13 20:55:45

Totally agree Funch, why do they not just been all the jabs at the outset. Madness. They did that when DD1 was a baby (iirc), but it's a different practice here and they're crap. They can always be cancelled if necessary.

Also agree that Gucci woman lying, on basis of her bragging about outfit <also takes off judgypants>

Prayers for your brother tonight, Amey. Also like to be very anonymous in case I inadvertently slag anyone off I am recognised.

DD1 sent home from school with what I believe to be noro poor little mite. Typically, Missmarbles woke up to a 30 minute intruder and took ages to settle again (partly because she puked her whole feed all over us both, cue strip down and change for us both; and partly because DD1's yelling for me) so I had to get DH to sit with her why he couldn't think of that himself, given I was feeding, goodness knows, and so I feel like a crap mum. DH claims to have has bellyache and is shivery too so has taken to bed as well. All fun fun fun in Marbles house tonight <sympathy exhausted on the children and therefore not extended to DH>
That is all. Rant over.

GoatBongosAnonymous Wed 09-Jan-13 21:18:49

marbles that sounds horrible with all the sickness sad hope everyone recovers soon.

mrsn when we are together we rave about how you all keep us sane!

amey my thoughts are with you and your brother for his op.

All together now, babies - we will sleep all night, we will sleep all night...

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