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Please help - baby screaming in pain after feeding

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tiktok Mon 31-Dec-12 10:14:45

ivanapoo, this is something to see the midwife about, I think, and at 9-10 days post partum you are still under her care.

There are some ideas posted here which are definitely worth exploring with her, before you do anything.

It's very soon to be thinking of over-supply as the root of the problem, except as a temp. thing which will sort itself out. 3 days is not a long time - he could be fine tomorrow smile

The night feeding is on the normal spectrum; it's not clear what the crying after feeds is. Maybe he wants to continue feeding or being held?

Anyway, speak to the midwife - today, as tomorrow is a holiday.

narmada Mon 31-Dec-12 10:03:42

I agree with you. Wxpressing unlikely to help things if it is oversupply. Block feeding is usually what they recommend I think.

ivanapoo Mon 31-Dec-12 02:51:39

Thanks, I've been reluctant to express as I am concerned this will exacerbate the oversupply issue longer term, but maybe I should try it to at least see if it helps me get to the richer milk.

I have done side feeding which helps when i am too tired to sit up but was worried about falling asleep as our bed has quite a soft topper so isn't that firm.

narmada there is a bf support group nearby, I will call tomorrow to find out more and see if there is a drop in session.

narmada Mon 31-Dec-12 00:51:21

It sounds like oversupply to me but I am not a pro ot health care person....

Do you have a BF cafe/ drop in anywhere near you?

Imabadmum Mon 31-Dec-12 00:45:15

Breast feeding can be tough, but you are only 9 days in. Hang in there. Bottle feeding comes with its own problems too, don't be fooled. all that equipment, and sterilising palaver, not to mention the cost! I breast fed all 3 of my dc, for the first 3 months, then bottles, so I do know

Have you tried gripe water? Expressing the milk is a good idea. Keep going with burping/winding, over your shoulder, your knees, your arm, the arm of the sofa (depending on your sofa of course) try different positions for winding , some/ one may be more effective than others for your baby. I found colic drops very useful for all 3 of my dc, especially the youngest who was particularly bad with colic.

I used to sleep on my side with the baby latched on, so he could feed as much as he wanted. He often fell asleep during feeding, and seemed to enjoy the closeness. I know recommendations are not to do that, but I was a tired, no - exhausted, mum and woud have sold my grandmother for a good nights sleep.

Try playing wth your baby, distraction, or skin to skin contact with you. Dont try or expect baby to go to sleep, concentrate on easing the colic.

You are not doing this to him, it's not your " fault " . You are doing the very best any mum can do.

And crying for babies is healthy, as much as we dont like it. They all do it, it's perfectly normal. You are not alone, there are mums, and dads, everywhere pacing living rooms, hallways, bedrooms, with wailing infants. It's just what being a new parent is all about.

Good luck xx

allthegoodnamesweretaken Mon 31-Dec-12 00:25:24

You could try expressing till the milk seems less watery. Have you got a sling? It's meant to help with colic and other tummy pains if you wear them upright in a stretchy wrap like this
For the mucus, a nasal aspirator might be useful. They sell them at boots I think.
Like you said, he is latching well and gaining plenty of weight, so try not to worry too much, sometimes babies cry for no real reason, it sounds like you're doing everything right.

ivanapoo Mon 31-Dec-12 00:13:48

Hi I have a 9 day old baby who is feeding often, latching well and piling on the weight (8oz over birth weight by 6 days) but for the past 3 days (especially in the evenings) he has been screaming in pain after feeds. He also won't settle at night between 12 and 5ish and wants feeding hourly during these times. He seems very mucusy at night too.

Most feeds only last about 5-10 minutes, occasionally we will have a longer one say up to 30 mins. After a 5 minute feed today he will scream intermittently for around 20 minutes, clearly in pain. He never cries apart from this.

We've tried burping him but he just doesn't burp, at least not audibly, and feeding him sitting more upright/holding him upright after feeds in case it's reflux. He will bring up what I think is a fairly normal amount of milk after a feed.

I think I may have an oversupply problem as my boobs are still quite engorged and I don't think I've ever got close to "emptying". Even after a long feed they'll still be spurting milk. I thought perhaps this might be connected as he isn't getting enough rich hind milk and too much sugary fore milk?

I'm finding this so upsetting that I'm thinking of stopping breastfeeding, i feel like I am doing this to him... please can anyone suggest what we could do.

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