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Possible tongue tied second child; any support welcomed!

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MsPickle Sun 30-Dec-12 17:03:25

Chunky I know exactly what you mean! Hopefully it'll all become smoother through time...

ChunkyTurkeywiththetrimmings Sun 30-Dec-12 11:56:56

It is difficult juggling the 2 isn't it? I think that's the worst part of breastfeeding #2 - feeling like I'm ignoring my eldest all the time. It does get better (my DS is 7wo today) & feeding more quickly and getting into a routine of sorts, but I still feel guilty having to almost choose which child to prioritize. Good luck getting the tongue tie resolved.

MsPickle Sun 30-Dec-12 11:05:45

Thanks all! I need to have the tongue tie confirmed before booking any private treatment but its good yo know theres multiple options if we do go private. How much did it cost?

Mr Patel at Kings did ds, there was only one clinic a week then, their website suggests there's 3 a week now. Dh has taken ds off with his bike to the park and I'm still in bed with dd feeding whenever she can. I know it's what needed but I can't help but feel blue that I'm indoors while its not raining and I'm missing fun with ds. He wanted me and dd to join them, it's a park she's not been to and he wanted to show her round. hmm

ChunkyTurkeywiththetrimmings Sun 30-Dec-12 00:15:45

My DS had his tongue tie snipped at kings 3wks ago yesterday. Iirc it took under 2wks from initial assessment by infant feeding specialist MW to being snipped, but this was partly due to the scheduling of appointments - Kings got our referral on the Friday, via email, I got a call on Monday, for the appt on the Friday. I believe the lead consultant treats such issues as urgent as it can make the difference between successfully bfing & giving up. Google Mr Patel Frenotomy clinic...

I didn't have pain with feeding, but the latch wasn't particularly effective (although DS gained weight well). Try an exaggerated latch, I think also called the 'flipple' latch for a more efficient feed.

AngelDog Sat 29-Dec-12 23:28:12

I'd get it done ASAP. There's a paediatric dentist in Finchley who diagnoses & revises vy laser, which is much more accurate than doing it with scissors. He did my DS1's tongue & lip ties.

There's loads of good info on the FB tongue tie babies support group - it's a closed group but if you ask to join, they'll add you.

EmmaBlemma Sat 29-Dec-12 21:43:01

I really feel for you. Both my children were born with tongue tie and it was excruciating feeding them. My ds1 was born in London and I had his tongue snipped at The Cromwell hospital In sw5. I got an appointment the same day and they were fantastic. I went privately as feeding was so painful I just wanted it done ASAP. I know people who have had to wait weeks and I couldnt face expressing for so long.

I've been through this twice and my advice would be get it cut as soon as possible if it is tongue tie. If your nipples are bleeding express and bottle feed until healed. Mine took around 7 days. After that go to breastfeeding groups, everyday if you have to until you are happy with the latch. I had very good breastfeeding support with my second baby and it made a huge difference.

I think expressing to top her up is a great idea. It sounds as though you are not in pain so feed as much as you can. Dr jack Newman has some great bf videos. With proper latch etc. I found this very helpful even with my second. Feel free to pm me if you need some support.

MsPickle Sat 29-Dec-12 20:49:44

Just checked notes and I'd got weight wrong in my head, she'd dropped 60g Saturday - today hmm

MsPickle Sat 29-Dec-12 18:48:43

My ds, now 3, had a posterior tongue tie that was successfully snipped but not until we'd had 5 weeks of stress as he didn't regain his birth weight. I now also have a 16 day old dd who was weighed today and hasn't gained anything since last Saturday. She's feeding 2-3 hourly but we suspect tongue tie again. I've got much better midwife support this time and am going to be checked by a specialist this week as long as they are working (festive season and all that). I've gone back to bed with her and have agreed with mw that I'll feed every 2 hours in daytime, every 3 hours through the night. I've fired up my Medela swing again to try and boost my supply with some expressing and will offer a bottle of that as well (we tried a cup earlier but she spat it back, took from a syringe but that's going to take hours so I don't think that's sustainable). I had a nightmare time first time and although rationally I know it's different this time I can't help feeling that I'm back there again. Once we were sorted (and then dealt with the reflux) ds got tank like and I fed him until almost 10 months when a stay in hospital for me meant he weaned himself. I want to feed my dd but the prospect of dealing with this again is really daunting.

Our local hospital is Kings College, if anyone knows about their tongue tie clinic and whether there are long waiting lists at the moment I'd be glad to know. I think if it was long and tt is confirmed we'd probably look at seeing someone privately.

So any tips for keeping going very much appreciated as in any other information/links etc

Thanks in advance to anyone for help smile

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