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BF'ing a 16 month old...

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FadBook Sat 22-Dec-12 12:46:41

...and it's bloody hard work at the minute! Excuse me for ranting, I'm normally one on these threads under breast n bottle offering support and advice, hopefully others can help me.

Dd is nearly 17 months (early jan) and had reduced feeds last month to morning, late afternoon and bedtime, but teething took over the last few weeks and she cranked up the feed during the day and night (we had night weaned using dr jay Gordon's method). We moved house this week and its all been a bit too much for her so she now has what I believe is separation anxiety, and its quite bad.

I can't leave her for 2 seconds without tears and tantrums. For example, I've sat at the dining room table wrapping Xmas presents and she's got her arms wrapped around my legs crying for me to pick it up, despite me spending time with her prior to this.

If she's not with me, she's good as gold (has been with mil this week for whole day during move & was fine).

But feeding her is constant now as she asks for it "mi mi" or "bubba" all the time - just now, she's had milk, come off me, played for 7 minutes and come back to me, saying 'mimi'

I've tried distraction with toys and play & also offer water but this doesn't stop her for long.

Last night was every hour from 11.30 till 3am and in the end I refused (using dr Gordon's technique and tried everything to get her to sleep) she took 2 hours to get off and was like a deranged child off the exorcist, pulling her own hair and scratching her face and mine. I remained so calm last night and she knew I was there and understood when I did the milk sign language and then the "all gone" look, she settled.

So, ride it out? Anything else I can try?

I just feel like crying. I haven't smoked for nearly 8 years, and she's stressing me out during the day today (prob because I'm tired) that I wanted to buy a pack this morningshock (I won't btw!)

Snusmumriken Sat 22-Dec-12 15:42:39

Rant away, you have my sympathies!

I can't offer any advice as I am in need of some myself.

My DS (14 months) has been attached to my breast, day and night, for the last week or so. I am not sure what to do about it.

charlottery Sat 22-Dec-12 15:54:12

Same here. If I'm in the house, dd (16 months) is either attached to a boob, being carried or crying. I'm starting to think it would be easier to wander around topless

FadBook Sat 22-Dec-12 16:30:51

Charlotty - lol at being topless, that would be easier! We have no blinds or curtains in the new house, new neighbours would get an eyeful- perhaps promoting bf'ing a bit too much! Hehe

Thanks Snusmum.. I suppose I need to remember "this too shall pass"

Feel a bit better this afternoon. She had a good lunch and left me alone for a bit. She just needs attention all the time, she used to play on her own but not anymore hmm

PigsWiggle Sat 22-Dec-12 20:49:47

FadBook this all sounds very familiar! 2 months ago I was posting myself about a very demanding 15 month old wanting to breast feed all day and night - I was totally exhausted and very moody due to lack of sleep. Luckily that time has passed and now I'm back to normally just 2 feeds a day which is much more manageable. Like you say I do think you have to just "ride it out" and eventually it will get easier - good luck!

FadBook Sun 23-Dec-12 09:37:43

Thanks for responds Pigs, it's reassuring to know it will pass eventually! She slept better last night, just one wake and I fed at that point as she'd done 7 hours (7.30-3.30) and she went back till 6ish.

It's a circle of doom I think, the lack of sleep makes her miserable during the day, which means she feeds more. But she slept better last night and has been brilliant this morning (DP had her and I had my lie in) and she's just having a feed now since she got up at 6, so hopefully a better day in store! We need one grin

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