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How long did it take for your nipples to get used to breast feeding?

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MB34 Tue 18-Dec-12 19:14:41

Just that really.

My sister ebf her 6 month old DS and said she can't feel anything anymore.

My DS is nearly 4 weeks and although I am easing myself in to bf (doing it as often as I can and giving ebm at other feeds) I can still feel everything and it gets to a point where I can't take anymore and have to take him off. I have had his latch looked at by everyone who say it's perfect so it's not that.

It's getting me down and making me want to give up on bf and this upsets me.

whatsoever Mon 24-Dec-12 04:20:47

4-6 weeks. I realised it didn't hurt anymore when I stopped moving the lansinoh round the house to wherever I was feeding DS! That stuff was my saviour in the early days as he really chomped in my right nipple and I wasn't disciplined enough to correct his latch immediately. He still does this sometimes but I correct the latch if it is even a tiny but site now & I think this has stopped my nipples actually cracking. They're tough now!

Jenijena Thu 27-Dec-12 08:18:29

A bit late in response to your q but... I remember that for a few days (which seems like an eternity at that point) I would not bfeed overnight... Instead, I'd give a bit of formula at the first night feed, express for the next feed, after he'd had that, express for the feed afterwards etc etc. I have quite a let down, even now, and I think eventually he/I got used to the boob speed. I remember the morning I was never going to let him latch on again. I was going to express for a few weeks. He spent all day mouthing for me and about 12 hours later I said I'd let him latch one last time and if it didn't hurt I might reconsider...

The pulling on/off when every latch is like torture.

It will get better

muddledmamma Sat 29-Dec-12 00:13:36

I'm not convinced about this breastfeeding not supposed to hurt stuff. Everyone's different, right? I had the same thing - painful feeding and everyone said we were doing it right, latch perfect.

My OH came back one day from dropping ds off at school with lots of messages from the mums there 'oooh, I remember how sore it was' etc etc and that helped me sooooo much. Recognising that pain for some people was normal and I wasn't less of a mum because of it. Maybe that's the same for you too?

It got steadily easier after the month mark but I can honestly say it took me a full year to feel truly comfortable. And then we bf'd for almost 3 years! So it can be done and you can get through it. Hang tough! smile

SquidgersMummy Sat 29-Dec-12 12:02:04

It hurt, especially the first min, for 6-8 wks....then one day I just noticed I was no longer feeling it. It hurting does NOT nec mean tongue tied.

Use the Lanisoh cream massively and loads of fresh air - I was topless when at home....poor postie blush


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