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Sleepy baby biting me

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littlestressy Sun 16-Dec-12 21:03:44

My DS is 12mo and still bf on demand (except when I'm at work, then he makes up for it when I get home!!). He feeds really well in the daytime, no problems even though he has 4 teeth.

The problem I have is when he is tired or sleepy, so the last feed at bedtime or if my DH is not at home and I go in to settle him in the night (if it's me settling him only boob will do). When he is tired or sleepy it's like hs mouth gets sloppy and he will sort of nibble and nip my nipple. Ouch.

When this happens I slip him off with my finger and say gently "no biting" but he screams hysterically until I let him feed again.

I want to carry on breastfeeding, I love it and so does he. Giving him the last milky feed at bedtime is a routine I want to keep. But the biting when he's tired is getting painful and stressful. Any tips?

MumsKnitter Sun 16-Dec-12 22:07:43

Perhaps nothing helpful, but sometimes a tired baby just needs pulled in closer, so that he's not dragging on the nipple - sometimes my 13 month old has bitten me accidentally when tired. Maybe an idea to swap him round to the other boob without any fuss if this happens, so that he wakes up a bit and doesn't do it again. If he does it just as he's dropping off, try removing him from the nipple once he's starting to slow down, and cuddle him over the shoulder for a bit so he doesn't associate stopping feeding with being put down immediately. Good luck!

littlestressy Mon 17-Dec-12 19:02:07

Thanks MumsKnitter I changed his position slightly for our bedtime feed and I think this got his mouth in a better position over the whole nipple, maybe I was letting him get sloppy! Here's hoping anyway grin

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