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dont know if to give up or not (or how to) 1 yr old feeding more than newborn

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whimsicalquark Wed 12-Dec-12 10:20:45

After a shaky start I have been feeding 1 year old dd relatively happily so far. I did originally think I would struggle to get to 6 months then when I did it seemed a shame to stop so thought would carry on until a year. as we approached this the feeds had dropped right down to morning and night and I thought had cracked the night feeds completely. However it seemed as soon as she hit one the night feeds start back up and now im feeding her up to 5/6 times during night.
For the past couple of weeks she has been a bit ill with teething ,cold cough etc and now the day time feeds have got out of hand too. im now feeding her every 2 hours or so both day and night and dont know how long I can keep this up for .

Will this get any better? If not how do I stop breasfeeding? At the moment anytime i refuse she has a complete mletdown and screams and cries and throws herself onto floor. She eats well (apart from when ill) and drinks plenty of water and will drink cows milk. It would be a shame to give up as wanted to carry on for a while but dont think i can cope with this level of feeding any longer

EauRougelyNight Wed 12-Dec-12 16:03:17

It's OK to compromise smile There's a really good book called Mothering Your Nursing Toddler that talks about the breastfeeding relationship, and that's what it is; a relationship with 2 of you in it. If you end up resenting breastfeeding then it won't do the relationship any good. If you do want to carry on then it's OK to cut back down to morning and evening if that's what suits you- it may take a bit of work and time, that's all.

Distraction works well. Are you at home a lot during the day? A lot of children will feed very frequently at home but be too busy if they are out somewhere. Also if she is teething or ill then she will want to feed more for comfort. Teething toys might help, or one thing that my DD2 always went for was cucumber sticks or those ice lolly moulds with just water in them.

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