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How much milk does an 8mo need?

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teacher123 Sun 09-Dec-12 06:53:57

Ooh-forgot to say-he sometimes sleeps through-normally has one feed in the night.

teacher123 Sun 09-Dec-12 06:52:54

Am trying to get DS (7mo) onto formula-his day currently looks like this-
7am - breastfeed
8am - breakfast
11am - formula (4oz max)
12pm - lunch
2.30pm - formula (4oz max)
4pm - dinner
5.30pm - formula (couple of oz, no more)
6pm - breastfeed (10 mins absolute max)

DS is a big eater so he seems to have cut down on milk quite quickly.

poocatcherchampion Sat 08-Dec-12 23:25:08

That looks similar to us at nearly 9 months. No formula and no nightdress but def a proper meal at lunch. She always has snacks too if I offer them. She's held her line on 75th centile.

JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 08-Dec-12 18:40:11

The recommendation for an exclusively ff baby is 20floz per day, but as you are mix feeding and new to it, I'd speak to a BFC about quantities. Bottles aren't recommended after 12 months either.

Nigglenaggle Sat 08-Dec-12 07:40:36

They should have 500-600ml formula minimum in 24hrs. It doesnt matter in how many feeds. Do you think he is snacking? Your day doesnt look that bad to me, we have a similar aged child. We run the milk and solid feeds one after the other and dont have a night feed, but otherwise our day is similar. We do start our day with breakfast at 5am though so I guess its just up to you if you would rather start early or feed in the night?

BlueHat Sat 08-Dec-12 07:21:20

Been asked to write down my baby's eating/feeding routine for starting nursery, and I'm beginning to wonder if I'm doing things wrong. He has always been a hungry boy and is massive.

This is is his routine:

6.30ish breastfeed
7.30ish breakfast
11.30ish bottle of formula
12.30ish lunch (he has finger foods then and doesn't actually eat that much)
4.00ish breastfeed
5.30ish dinner
7.00ish breastfeed
3/4 am breastfeed (really want to stop this!)

The feeding guidelines on the formula packages suggest three formula feeds for a baby this age in 24 hours. I'm new to formula so really have no idea how true this is, or how this would compare to breastfeeding. But FIVE milk feeds?! I think at the same age my eldest child was having just three breastfeeds (and no formula) in 24 hours and I know he was sleeping 7-7.

Please help, I don't want to have a child who is permanently carrying a bottle of milk with them at two years old!

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