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How much expressed milk should he need?

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NumptyDumty Sat 08-Dec-12 11:33:09

Thank you!

I have 5 oz for him and will give him a feed before I go.

I am very excited to be going and get adult conversation!

ZuleikaD Sat 08-Dec-12 07:04:42

It's supposed to be 1oz per hour. If you're going out all evening I would leave two 5oz bottles.

musttidyupBeforeSantaComes Fri 07-Dec-12 23:03:59

Not sure but would estimate a full feed might be 7-9 ozs at the age? So depending on how many you'll miss? If just one then express enough for 2 and freeze the other if you don't need it.

NumptyDumty Fri 07-Dec-12 21:30:23

So the day has finally come where I can let my hair down with the girls and my DP is looking after DS.

My DS is 6 months old and takes a bottle so no problems there...

My question is how much milk on average should I leave? I read somewhere it was 1/2oz an hour maybe? I can't remember where I read that or if I did atall I know I should have built up a stash by now but pumping is such a pain in the bum I just do something else instead, now I'm panicking that there won't be enough milk!

If there isn't its not the end of the world as I will only be an hour away if needs be.

Thanks in advance x

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