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Too much milk, forceful let down and sore nips.

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NotQuiteCockney Sun 09-Dec-12 11:10:11

Block feeding works, but it takes time, and as others have said, you may need to increase the size of the blocks.

Some mothers find they can use the side of their hand, pressed into the breast, to stop some ducts from firing in the first letdown (you need to let those release later in the feed).

Feeding more often can help, too, as there is less time for the milk to build up.

boobybum Sat 08-Dec-12 23:34:16

I had this problem with my last 3 children. As well as block feeding what I ended up doing was pumping a little bit off before I fed them. I used a hand pump and probably took off about the first ounce or so. I found this really helped. Also I used the scissor technique if I felt a powerful letdown on its way-it's where you sort of clamp just above your nipple with your two fingers like a pair of scissors. This over active letdown sorted itself out after a couple of months. Good luck!

McBaby Fri 07-Dec-12 14:51:02

Block feeding here at least six hours each side for over a week! And I only ever offer one side doing two for a week at one point to boost her weight sent my supply crazy!

thezoobmeister Fri 07-Dec-12 05:54:25

hi, I had this too and it was block feeding that sorted it. But the blocks are much much longer than usually suggested - I need more like 6-8 hours on the same boob before it makes a noticeable difference. Have to keep an eye on things to make sure I'm not getting engorged, though!

jasmin27 Thu 06-Dec-12 20:38:29

Bumping for you. I too have a strong let down and ds suffers with bad wind. i'd also like to know any tips on how to get this sorted. how old is your dc?

HelloBear Thu 06-Dec-12 18:41:20

After 2 bouts of mastitis I thought things were getting better, less pain and my nipples seemed to heal. But they are sore again and I am bleeding from my rh nipple again. My latch is generally good but the problem is that my DS really pulls, nips, moves away during feeding because I have a forceful let down and so much milk! so I think this is causing nipple trauma and though I relatch him over and over sometimes I just feed through the pain.

I am block feeding and sit reclined but it seems to make no difference.

Has anyone got any Suggestions for how I can reduced my supply and get my letdown slower?


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