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2 month 2 week old feeding battle

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katielockier Wed 05-Dec-12 12:17:14

I am a first time mum, For the past couple of weeks it has suddenly become a bit of a battle to feed my baby, when i present her with the boob every 2-3 hours she sometimes, pulls away arching her back and then come the melt down, she make the signals of hunger then doesnt seem interested and sometimes when she does feed she suddenly pulls off and starts screaming. its almost like she realises what shes doing and doesnt want to. At bed time it can be worse, we generally have a routine of boob bath boob bed and at either boob time she could kick off. I would really appreciate any tips of advice on how to stop, control, deal with this as starting to come to my wits end as dont want to associate the bood with crying (if they can do this this) or become reliant on bottles for convenience sake. she naps fine during day and sleeps and eats fine in night, so really dont know where this has come from.

tiktok Wed 05-Dec-12 15:03:54

katie, this sounds difficult and no wonder you are puzzled about it.

I ask this, because the behaviour you describe could have many causes.

Among them are:

* ear infection
* fast let down and/or over supply
* baby not interested at the time she is offered the breast

That's not exhaustive a list though..... can you speak to someone?

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