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Formula fed 15 wk baby will not feed !!!! Help

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trudolphtherednosedreindeer Tue 04-Dec-12 14:24:46

It's hard to adapt when you think they should do one thing and they do another. I was totally frustrated by the little and often thing. It felt like I never left the house what with naps and my ds being only 19 months older and still on 2 naps himself at first.

Just hang in there. Watch his weight gain (but don't weigh him all the time), and wait for him to mature a bit. It's good he's at the high end of the chart. If he was already low down it would be much harder to let it go.

15 weeks is still so little. Are you feeding on demand or trying to follow a routine?

frustratedgodess Tue 04-Dec-12 13:47:04

Hi yes we've been through 5 different formulas 3 bottles/teats he just will not feed I think he's more of a grazer than a one hit feed it's just so frustrating !!! I'm desperately holding on to the fact he's happy chatting smiling and ignoring all the info about how many ounces they're supposed to have in a day !

trudolphtherednosedreindeer Tue 04-Dec-12 13:42:59

She's still on the same centile now btw smile

trudolphtherednosedreindeer Tue 04-Dec-12 13:41:31

Try not to stress <useless advice>
Didn't want to leave you unanswered.

My dd (2nd dc) was similar, though without the allergies. She was 8.5lb at birth so 75+ centile.

She was nearly 7 months before she could take more than 3-4oz. She fed every 4 hrs in the day, would wake at least once, mostly 2-3 times, a night. Wouldn't dreamfeed.

She didn't take to solids either really and only in the last few months (she's 18months now) has she finally got an appetite.

I worried a little, as my first was an eating machine, but I just had her weighed regularly, maybe monthly, and let her be.

If she'd been my pfb though I might've been much as you are.

Not overly helpful but, if he's not losing weight, maybe he's just not a big eater. They really are all different and haven't read the side of the formula box to see what they should be having.

Is there an alternative formula though? Maybe he just doesn't like the taste of it.

frustratedgodess Tue 04-Dec-12 13:04:33

My DS is 15 wks and formula fed - he has always been a terrible feeder he had tongue tie which was clipped twice he has had silent reflux which he's on medication for and paed thought possible dairy allergy but DS refuses to drink altogether the hypoallergenic milk and even Paed said that babyis giving mixed messages as he's perfectly content and not distressed between feeds, my issue is he just will not take feeds he doesn't even appear hungry the only way I get any decent volume in him is to largely dream feed him day & night or endlessly pace up and down with him with the bottle - typically he will feed at 11pm take 4-5 oz wake at 5.30 - 6am take 3 oz and with grazing and mummy's perserverance take another 3 oz by 8.30 he really doesn't want a late morning feed at all and I feel pretty much rest of day I'm force feeding him he wants to be in bed by 6pm . He is a happy content baby when I not trying to feed him !! He was 9 lbs 1 oz at birth and is following the 75th centile I'm terrified he'll lose weight if I don't keep forcing him to feed - I'm exhausted and weary of this feeding battle I just don't know what to do anymore :-((

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