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Huge vomit at night only

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yakisoba Tue 04-Dec-12 06:04:38

Hello. My 6 wk old thriving ebf baby has recently started to go longer between feeds at night. Previously waking 2 to 3 hourly, yesterday went for a 5 hour stretch between feeds from 10pm till 3am, and tonight he slept for 7 hours straight from 10pm till 5 am!
My concern is that on both nights he has immediately vomited his whole feed after this long sleep. Large quantity, effortless vomit. No time to wind him as it is seconds after the feed. He is totally unbothered by this, and after changing him and sheets etc, feeds from other breast happily.
My breasts are very full after this long stretch of sleep, and he obv wakes hungry so could it be just swallowing air whilst gulping, or should I hand express a little first to slow my let down? Also, whilst I appreciate the extra sleep, is 7 hours too long for a 6 wk old to go between feeds at night?
Thank you for any advice!

TanteRose Tue 04-Dec-12 06:18:05

if he is not distressed after vomiting and goes on to feed some more (presumably he keeps this down...), then it is probably because he just eats too much in one go!

babies are very adept at getting rid of what they can't stomach (literally) - his tummy is still very small and he is most likely gulping it down after a stretch of sleep.

don't worry smile

the long stretches of sleep won't last for much longer wink

yakisoba Tue 04-Dec-12 08:17:21

Thanks for the reassurance!. Yes, he keeps the 2nd feed down and settles to sleep again easily. Would there be any benefit in a 'dream feed' at about midnight, or is he still as likely to sleep for as long after this?

Princessdeb Tue 04-Dec-12 08:31:02

Dear Yakisoba,

As an occasional occurance I wouldn't be too concerned but if it becomes more frequent I would take a trip to the GP's. My DD was a few weeks old when she started vomiting large amounts immedietly after a feed. She was diagnosed with reflux. Although it lasted a couple of years it was easily treated with Gaviscon. Good luck xx

thezoobmeister Wed 05-Dec-12 07:26:06

My DD vomits more at night too. I think it's because she swallows more air, due to the fact that I am too knackered to latch her on properly!

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