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How to stay awake during night feeds - part 5

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MrsNPattz Mon 03-Dec-12 21:19:53

Here we are grin

goat thanks, I could but am worried about putting the car seat in!

We are putting the Moses basket in the big cot tonight to start getting him used to it as he will be too big for the basket soon!!

Bed time not going well so far.......

smicha Sat 29-Dec-12 01:02:07

Congrats marbles! That's great news.

And well done baby kid for rolling over! smile Baby smich has found his voice in the last few days and makes an 'ooh' sound all the time but the key, volume and length of ooh vary. So cute! Yep, I'm all pfb about him smile

We're on first feed already sad I had heard of 4 month sleep regression, but is it possible that this is starting as early as 3 months?!

funchum8am Sat 29-Dec-12 01:21:08

marbles congratulations!!! So pleased for you - while work is not the main focus of life it is definitely nicer if you are happy at work smile

Well done Kid on impressive gymnastic abilities...not sure I can roll myself these days! Am now musing on school gym lessons...I wonder if I could still do a forward or backward roll? Definitely can't do a crab/bridge position, tried years ago while drunk and nearly put myself in A&E grin Also must stop thinking "Well if Lisa Riley can do the splits then I should be able to as well"!!

May be posting a lot tonight, I think it will ne a wakeful one. I stupidly stayed up til 11 by the time I had expressed, prepared gaviscon etc. Then couldn't sleep, dd woke at 12 for a feed and now keeps waking up wailing. It sounds like she has a cold, plus she had jabs today so could be feeling poorly from that sad .

Re naps: all over the shop here but she usually sleeps solidly from about 3pm and has to be woken up and bathed else she does her long stretch then! Morning nap time and duration is totally different every day. If early she may have half an hour around noon but often not. Today she did the 'normal' 3 naps with the longest at lunch but we are having a bad night anyway sad

Susieloo Sat 29-Dec-12 01:57:43

Congratulations marbles!!!! Great news.

We are on third feed of the night so hoping for a longer stretch nowsmile

Had a lovely meal out, I had calamari to start followed by roast salmon on Savoy cabbage and baby onions with some sort of creamy sauce and some mashed potato on the side-it was v good and we ate quite early so were ready to he picked up at nine. Babyloo had slept the whole time then promptly woke up as soon as we got home and has been awake two hourly since then-was hoping the extra glass of wine might have helped him sleep but obviously not!!

Yay kid on the rolling, I love that look too when they look all shocked at what they have done.

Don't think I had any worse presents, best was a coat from dp that I love-babyloo has a baby's first Christmas tshirt that is sized 12-18months so he will be able to wear it in July!!!

Hoping for a four hour stretch now -knackered!!

BrainGoneAwol Sat 29-Dec-12 02:01:15

Up again sad. Not boding well for the night. Feels very hot, though temp says 17c. Definitely a downside to other people's houses; I've spent half the nights adjusting radiators. Nice as it is to visit people, I'm looking forward to being home again.

Congrats baubles, that's great news!
Well done to goat kid too. Agree, love the startled 'what happened?!' face they get.

macaroons - still feeding on demand here wouldn't be up at this time otherwise. Bless him, just as I typed that, babybrain just burped and giggled in his sleep in my arms post feed! grin

During the day he usually feeds roughly every 4 hours as he's a nosey so'n'so and is too interested with what's going on to bother until he is starving. Nighttime is every 3-4 hours. Though he's teething and I suspect a bit hot and therefore dehydrated (see aforementioned issue with heating). He was doing 4-5 hours at home.
He's 4.5 months. No idea if that's normal or not. I do wonder sometimes if he has digestion issues as he often is uncomfortable / straining to fart shock and I hear the milk hitting his tummy.

MissingMyBaubles Sat 29-Dec-12 02:11:43

Think Missmarbles is just enjoying mummy time. We're in third feed only she hasn't fed much just lain in my arms; cute but tiring. Expecting transfer fail....

MrsNPattz Sat 29-Dec-12 02:14:15

First feed here so much better than last night - hope it continues!

macaroons my little man is 3.5 months too and yes I'm still demand feeding and it can sometimes be 2 hourly although is sometimes longer. We are very happy doing it this way but I do find that people get their judgy pants on about it!!

small re sports wear - I think me and hubby may end up getting divorced over a football strip!! I have always said, even before little man was born and we didn't know it was a boy, that I do NOT want him in a football kit until he can decide whether he wants to wear one and if so which team. Of course he has had one for Christmas (so actually there was a worse present for him!) age 6-9 months and of course hubby is insisting he will wear it. I feel really strongly about it but so does hubby angry what do we do lol

susie glad you enjoyed your meal!

marbles Yey congratulations - so happy for you!

goat well done Kidd! I am super excited too about milestones (not a prem, but a PFB grin)

MissingMyBaubles Sat 29-Dec-12 02:25:35

Yep. Failed. So tired.

funchum8am Sat 29-Dec-12 02:41:04

I still haven't been to sleep but babyfunch has been fast asleep for the past hour and a half! just don't feel tired...I need to step away from my phone as mumsnet gets my head buzzing!

I can't wait to see the startled look when babyfunch reaches a new milestone smile

BrainGoneAwol Sat 29-Dec-12 05:07:40

marbles (got the name right this time!) hope transfer didn't take too long?
funch ooh. Hope you switched off and don't regret too much netting.

Seems pretty quiet here. Hope that means lots of successful sleeping smile. I'm hoping for another couple of hours after this feed assuming 8 yr old nephew doesn't wake us all up soon

HeffalumpsAndWoozles Sat 29-Dec-12 05:14:27

Congratulations marbles that's great news well done you smile

More congratulations to kid on a successful first roll, there'll Brno stopping him now! And goat those bombs sound even more scrummy now you've mentioned baileys!

We're still feeding on demand macaroons, babylump is three months old today and seems to go her longest between feeds in the morning to mid afternoon although I don't let her go more than 4 hours in the daytime. In the evening she feeds a lot more often then at night usually around midnight, then 5 ish or if I'm really lucky 7ish but usually both!

My night unfortunately got worse before it got any better. DD1 first did a poo so I cleaned her up and went back down, then she yelled again and I went up to be greeted by naked DD saying "clothes all fell off mummy" hmm so dressed and back down. Then next visit she had been fiddling with her nappy again and somehow got it sideways so it leaked over her, the sheets and Teddy. Had no choice then but to let her sleep in our bed which is pretty much what she'd been yelling about for the previous 3 hours anyway. Toddler: 1 Mummy: 0

In between all that babylump was alternating yelling, puking and pooing all over her clothes confused Sometimes I do wonder if they conspire between them on the best way to send me round the bend.

MrsNPattz Sat 29-Dec-12 05:19:52

Second feed here, I only got about 2 more hours cause it took me ages to fall asleep again.

Oh dear heff - little scamps lol hope you are sleeping soundly now.

Smallgreenone Sat 29-Dec-12 05:47:06

Congratulations marbles and kid!!!
Macaroons we feed on demand and it varies as to how long he'll go. I think sometimes he snacks and then wants more amniotic later and other times can go 4 hours. Naps he has one morning one of anything from half an hour to an hour, lunchtime two hours if I can keep him asleep and afternoon half an hour.
He has done a 6 hour stretch tonight grin hoping for a bit more now too but he is quite awake.
Mrsn not sure what to say about football strip- I'm shocked noone has bought one for baby small actually but I'm guessing they know me too well! You could always shrink it down on a super hot wash and claim it won't fit!!!

Susieloo Sat 29-Dec-12 06:48:25

And we are up-oh good!!

Totally agree mrsn re football strip and told dp from day one I didn't want him in one, so far it hasn't come up but I know it will when he starts to get bigger and wear clothes-I'm going to keep him in babygros for as long as possible!!

1st coffee gone down well, gutted there are no Chinese leftovers for breakfast!!

MrsNPattz Sat 29-Dec-12 08:39:19

Wake time here - just lying in bed while little man is in his cot with his projector, kicking away smile not the best night again but better than the night before!

Haha small that's a good idea!! Glad it's not just me who feels that way about it, it makes me want to cry thinking about my little baby in a football strip. I am determined to win this one!

Off shopping again today with mum, thankfully I have been paid today (early as it should be Monday) so am going to get mum's phone and look for something to wear for SIL's wedding.

Then we will just have a take away tonight.

What are you all doing for new year? I think this may be the first year I don't stay up until midnight!!

Hope you all have a good day.

HeffalumpsAndWoozles Sat 29-Dec-12 08:43:56

Agree with you mrsn about the football strip. Could you put him in it, take a photo to send with a 'thank you' to whoever bought it and then eBay/charity shop it? I've done that with quite a lot of stuff bought for the DDs, although it probably is encouraging them to buy more of the same crap stuff I just don't have the heart to tell them after the event (see earlier comment about mountain of Disney tack!).

Finally got to sleep at 1.30 when DH got in, then feed at 5 and 8. Wish I could send the girls downstairs and just go back to sleep but although ILs would happily take dani I don't know about babylump.

Have a lovely day everyone smile

StuntNun Sat 29-Dec-12 11:31:08

Is it so bad for him to wear the football strip MrsN? My DS1 had a Brazil strip bought by an overzealous Brazilian friend (we have no connection with Brazil at all other than her) but he was too young to know what he was wearing so I didn't see the harm. Fortunately DH likes Formula 1 so I only have to worry about a baseball cap.

Lol at your DD Heffalump. Why do they all go through that stripping phase? Our next door neighbour's kid spent the whole summer running around starkers.

I will stay up for New Years, I feel like I have to see in the new year. DS1 wants to stay up this year and he is nearly 10 so why not. DH got me the Seven Samurai on DVD for Christmas (cos we watched it the first Christmas Day after we were married) so we could watch that on New Year's Eve seeing as it lasts 3 hours. It will probably put DS1 to sleep though.

My mum is coming over in the 9th for DS1's birthday and has said she'll babysit on the Saturday. So what should DH and I do for a rare evening out? Dinner and a movie? Don't say book into a hotel and get some sleep!

Ameybee Sat 29-Dec-12 14:14:08

I had lots to catch up on! I was too tired to post during night confused. He went from 9-3 and I tried to feed him at 3 but he wouldn't settle so we made him up a bottle and he downed 6oz! I feel a bit sad that this may be the end of breastfeeding for us sad I was going to keep trying to express so he could have some of my milk in bottles but finding time to do it even with DH off work isn't easy. Sometimes I feel like I have plenty of milk then other times nothing. He seems to love his bottle now. Didn't expect to feel this sad for some reason. Would everyone else feel the same?

DH let me sleep in this morning as I was so tired. Then I had a rude awakening as DD had diorreah all over bathroom floor shock I think its her antibiotics as she is otherwise totally hyper.

Congrats marbles! Fab news! And mrsn I would push football kit to back of wardrobe, DH will never remember you've got it when it actually fits! X

funchum8am Sat 29-Dec-12 16:45:18

amey I know how you feel about varied milk supply! I have loads at night now she is sleeping better but not much in the day, especially afternoons, as she has always slept a lot then so my body doesn't supply much. Sorry to hear you are feeling sad about cutting down the bfing...I am a bit envious that you are now going so well with bottles (buy very pleased for you too!). DH and I both tried Nuk bottle with latex teat today but no luck so far sad . She may just refuse to feed when I go back to work which will be a nightmare for DH. will ask the gp about weaning at that age (four and a half months) as that would minimize the starvation in the daytime! grin

Also I just did the first couch to 5k run/walk session and feel great! Bathtime now smile

StuntNun Sat 29-Dec-12 16:51:58

Weaning used to be recommended at 16 weeks Funch so it would probably be okay. At that age a dippy cup might be a possibility. My DS2 wouldn't take a bottle so he went on to a beaker when I went back to work at 5.5 months. But I started weaning him at 4 months because he was having tummy trouble (7 green poos a day with lots of pain) which stopped within a week of starting solids.

MrsNPattz Sat 29-Dec-12 17:00:36

amey I would feel completely the same! You have done so well though so try not to beat yourself up - you need to be a happy mummy!

Well not a very successful shopping trip - I couldn't get mum's upgrade cause they didn't have the memory I wanted so I'm really disappointed. And I got a dress but not sure if it's 'the one' - mum thinks it will look better if I lose a few pounds so I definitely have an incentive to join WW when I get home. I'm tired too which doesn't help. Really looking forward to an Indian tonight!

stunt yea it does bother me and I feel quite strongly about it. I like heffs idea but not sure hubby would by it!!

StuntNun Sat 29-Dec-12 18:55:57

MrsN how about a combination puking/nappy leakage on to the kit. Those stains will never come out if you accidentally leave it on the radiator for a while.

Susieloo Sat 29-Dec-12 19:50:26

Babyloo awake twice already since bedtime, he's so bunged up he's really struggling with his nose and he's gouged a chunk out of his cheek with his nail even though I filed them today, I'm sure he's secretly a vampire!! Really struggled with tiredness today and think I'm in for a long night.

Amey I would feel exactly the same but totally think you have to do whatever suits you both, I'm starting to think about stopping bf now we are weaning him but not quite sure how to do it as he is so rubbish with a bottle.

Wishing everyone good nights and easy transfers, hello to anyone too tired to postsmile

Goatbongohohoandjinglejingle Sat 29-Dec-12 20:48:49

funch I am seriously impressed at you starting the couch 2 5k today in the midst of such horrendous weather!
mrsn I am with you on the strip. A horrible accident falling on it with a pair of scissors?... Fortunately I am married to one of the three blokes in the uk who actively hate football! (I am more likely to watch a match than he is...)
susie grin at the vampire - I am sure you are right though. Would also explain the day/night confusion that keeps sneaking in!
amey as the current formula feeder on the thread, I know what you are going through. I had to stop as Kid was feeding 90 minutes in every two hours, and I also had to express, as being a prem he was nowhere near emptying a breast. I agonised for ages when I stopped, but am now more at the place where I can be proud that I got us as far as we did, and I can recognise that psychological well being is just as important for both of us as physical. And he is absolutely gorgeous, thriving, healthier than I could ever reasonably expect from a prem and still the light of my life! So even though you feel sad about it at the moment, if you do decide to give up, you do, I think, come to a much better place about it. Hope that helps! smile
stunt I am also impressed at you staying up on New Year's Eve! I would love to but we will see what my heavy eyes say... I too feel I would like to see out the year in which we got married, had Kid and moved into our first jointly owned house! It was an eventful year!
heff your stories give us so much to look forward to!!

MrsNPattz Sat 29-Dec-12 21:00:25

stunt and goat I love these ideas too grin thank you! Having just had to endure an evening of football (hubby, mum, dad and brother love it) I am even more convinced I don't want him dressed like those overpaid idiots hmm

Hopefully bed time here, I think hope this feed will send him to sleep and then I have my usual tossing and turning to look forward to before I finally fall asleep.

Mum was asking how long I plan to breast feed today, I really don't have a plan - just going with the flow.

Hope everyone's had good days?

Ameybee Sat 29-Dec-12 21:01:22

Thanks everyone. I think I will just miss it at first. goat I think half of baby bees problem was not emptying boob, he was just lazy tho.

Has anyone progressed with naps since we last talked about it? We are still struggling a bit confused x

We are having an Indian tonight grin I'm trying to be good having chicken shaslik which has no sauce! Problem now is being able to have wine - all those empty calories. I am going 'fat' clothes shopping with my friend next week - she's put weight on & we both need clothes to see us through next month till we've lost a bit.
I'm going to get out pushing pram where possible and try do a Zumba class once a week if DH can manage bedtime by himself! X

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