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How to stay awake during night feeds - part 5

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MrsNPattz Mon 03-Dec-12 21:19:53

Here we are grin

goat thanks, I could but am worried about putting the car seat in!

We are putting the Moses basket in the big cot tonight to start getting him used to it as he will be too big for the basket soon!!

Bed time not going well so far.......

MrsNPattz Tue 04-Dec-12 19:24:04

amey yes they were fantastic! What a lovely little boy! I knew that storyline was coming up on Home and away as I like it on Facebook and the Australian one must be ahead of ours, so I stooped watching weeks ago because I couldn't handle it!

Is anyone else's app on iPhone really rubbish since the update? It keeps saying this thread has no replies and not loading and stuff!

Goatbongohohoandjinglejingle Tue 04-Dec-12 20:49:24

Oh, I can't watch OBEM, it does for me too completely blush even the happy stories.
Just finished a bedtime feed for Kid. Will try transfer shortly.

Wishing everyone a good night... Though we will probably all be back at some point!!

HeffalumpsAndWoozles Tue 04-Dec-12 22:56:48

I just have to start this post off by saying AAARRRrrrggGGGggg!!

<takes deep breath and calms down>

So, the next instalment in the soap opera that has become my life is that DD1 has been amazing and by the end of the day managed her favourite meal and custard for pudding, all stayed down and apart from being a little pale and tired she's almost back to normal so I am hugely relieved.

But (there's always got to be a fecking "but" hasn't there sad ) the appointment I had for babylump this afternoon ended in the GP referring us straight to a&e with suspected whooping cough. I couldn't believe it, had a bit of a meltdown, and after making sure DD1 was ok (watching endless Peppa pig with grandad!) rushed back to hospital trying not to panic. Dr phoned ahead to tell them we were coming so we wouldn't have to wait but when we arrived there was a really big emergency so we did end up with a 2.5 hr wait. Babylump was really good and once we got seen by the paediatrician they were very thorough and, thank god, it is just a throat infection after all.

I am totally drained now, feeling so lucky that the two potential emergencies we've had this last two days have both turned out to be ok but also all emergency-ed out and exhausted.

Just got home now, DD1 asleep and babylump feeding and complaining about how tired she is (and obviously its my fault she's not yet asleep hmm ) So, who's for wine ?!

Susieloo Tue 04-Dec-12 23:08:28

heff arrrrrggghhhhh is right after the day you have had, what a nightmare and I'm so pleased its a throat infection!! Hope you have had an enormous drink and a chance to relax this evening.

I am on first feed of the night, he was starting to stir so I'm attempting a dream feed which so far is going ok. We are off to see two car dealerships tomorrow to try and sort out a new car - well probably a used car.

mrsn my iPhone app is exactly the same, I'm hoping its just some bugs that need fixing and then it will start behaving.

I have just managed to eat a handful of mint aero bubblesgrin

Hope everyone happily asleep or heading there soon.

funchum8am Tue 04-Dec-12 23:13:53

heff!!! you totally deserve your spirits, chocolate, cake, ice cream and anything else you might fancy just now! that must have been really scary, thank god it isn't whooping cough. shock That must have been extremely stressful. Well done dd1 and well done grandad.

I went to bed at 7:45 with babyfunch in her bouncy chair to keep her upright for a few extra hours. she is feeding now then will transfer to cot. The thinking is that the less time she spends on her back, the later she will wake, if it is reflux causing her pain. If it is colic this won't make any difference though sad

We have had a fab day - babyfunch came to my friend's school so her Psychology A level group could ask me about attachment, as they have been studying theories on parent-child attachment. I got a bit worried the girls were getting quite keen on having babies soon as she was being all cute so countered it with a few home truths about what labour does to your bladder, haemorrhoids, pain of labour, sleep deprivation etc...think many of them (esp boys) were shocked at this lady coming in and going totally TMI on them grin

Smallgreenone Tue 04-Dec-12 23:16:47

Oh gosh heff get that wine poured! Thank goodness though that it wasn't whooping cough and at least your gp isn't one of those that fobs you off all the time like some do.
I can't watch obem either, way too emotional at the moment.
We had a great surprise today. Doorbell went this morning, am expecting some new slippers to be delivered so was hugely surprised to see a man with an enormous box from fortnum and mason! Sooooooo much better than new slippers! It's a pressie from someone DH works with, well we presume it is, there is no name to say who it's from which is odd but it is packed full of delicious treats:- chocolate, wine, port, nuts, cheese all things Christmas and delicious basically! Yum yum! We normally get some good stuff from dh's work but he's just set up his own company so I thought we might get forgotten this year but perhaps not. I shall now eagerly await more delivery men bearing scrumptious gifts!
Releasing sleepy mice and attempting transfer........

missingmymarbles Tue 04-Dec-12 23:56:21

Poor Missmarbles has resisted mapping for all bar 45 mins this afternoon and was so tired come 5 o'clock. Managed to keep her awake til bedtime. Had to pop up briefly at 8 but otherwise first feed. She's just taken a heeeuuge feed (felt like it anyway) so hopefully next one will be at 5ish, like last night but without the hours dancing that resulted in a settling feedhmm

Rotten day, Heff. Hope you sleep well tonightsmile

Blonder, Amey, MrsN and Goat I won't watch stuff like that now. I used to be 'ard as nails grin

Smich very nice surprisegrin

Susie please can you ask Babyloo to pass on the codewink

Ameybee Tue 04-Dec-12 23:57:23

heff you def deserve a break now! That is a rough few days!! Always best to be safe with whooping cough on the increase tho. I'm meeting my friend from work for lunch Tomo & I had said I'd take baby bee into work but I'm a bit paranoid about taking him into a hospital full of germs confused people will prob think I'm over reacting but I just would never want to risk babybee catching anything. Thought if it rained I could leave him in pram with raincover on - maybe that will keep out germs wink!
Looking forward to a nice Starbucks lunch hmm peppermint hot choc and a marmite n cheese panini!

Ps didn't lose weight this week - stayed same but we did have kfc and prezzo and I prob wasn't entirely truthful with my tracking confused x

StuntNun Wed 05-Dec-12 00:54:13

Glad to hear it was a false alarm about the whooping cough Heff, I hope she gets better soon.

I'm on the first feed of the night but it's very difficult to feed a baby who's kicking his legs, arching his back, beating with his arms, turning his head, and mauling my nipple without latching on. Man I am beyond tired hmm

Goatbongohohoandjinglejingle Wed 05-Dec-12 01:08:52

heff shock what a truly, truly awful scare for you!thank goodness it wasn't whooping cough after all, tho a throat infection sounds bad enough. You have had enough drama for at least another year or so. Wine definitely needed!

funch grin to your contraceptive talk...

small now that is proper food porn, that is!

amey They do peppermint?? I feel a detour coming on tomorrow after massage...

susie marbles Stunt finger crossed for nice long sleeps till morning.

Zzzzzzzz... Going for transfer....

elvislives2012 Wed 05-Dec-12 01:26:32

First feed of the night here. Am seriously jealous of the food talk... Particularly the F&M delivery. Going into bath later so I'm going to get something realllllllly good and disgustingly sweet to counteract the jealousy I'm feeling!

Ameybee Wed 05-Dec-12 02:09:34

Yep goat its the syrup so you can have it in mocha too! I love them!

Only gone 2 hours between last feeds sad feel super tired. Please do a 3 hour now at least!

I'm getting hungry now, my delicious sausage casserole has long since been digested - could do with some shacks now!

heff read my last post back n it sounds insensitive - sorry, didn't mean hospitals are germ boxes when you've been in one last 2 days just meant didn't want to risk taking a healthy baby in just to socialise & not because they are poorly & need to be there xx

funchum8am Wed 05-Dec-12 02:15:06

stunt that is helpful of your LO...sometimes they don't seem to know what is good for them!

elvis do you have a tub full of food. or do you live in the south west? grin

babyfunch feeding her usual 2am feed but has been making refluxy noises in her sleep so I suspect the bouncy chair stint earlier has made no difference sad

Good luck for sound sleeping everyone!

Loup23 Wed 05-Dec-12 03:40:30

Evening all so glad I've found you, marking my place and will catch up now before updating grin

Smallgreenone Wed 05-Dec-12 03:42:28

Well instead of two hourly waking he's just done a 4 hour stretch- woo hoo! I got three hours as he did have a brief waking up which needed Ewan going back on and dummy goinig in but what an improvement! grin I won't get too hopeful but if we can just get until morning........
amey know what you mean about taking them into work one of the girls I work with grabbed him for a cuddle and then started to say how she didnt feel well, I practically snatched baby small back from her.
Sharing round one of my delicious new chocolate bars.......

MrsNPattz Wed 05-Dec-12 04:22:09

Wow little fella just did 8:30 til now!! That's the earliest he has ever gone to bed! I got to sleep at about 9:30 and woke at 3:50 to a very large, leaking sore right boob so was hand expressing over the sink when he woke up blush so for the first time I was actually very pleased he was awake! I am feeling a bit rubbish as if I am getting a cold so am hoping it's not mastitis - but I felt like this yesterday so don't think it is.

heff I just don't know what to say! Sending lots of love, hugs, wine, chocolate and sleepy mice!

susie glad it's not just mine, hopefully MN are aware and will get it fixed!

<waves to everybody else>

Susieloo Wed 05-Dec-12 04:48:08

Half 11 until now-woop woop!!! Unfortunately because dp is a knob sometimes and I am a stewer I've been unable to sleep all that time which is massively frustrating, really hoping my magic projector will work wonders when I attempt transfer.

Talking of poorlyitis dss is with us tonight with the most horrendous sore throat and he woke up at 12 to throw up, I am now really regretting the goodnight kiss from dss to babyloo, no idea why I didn't think about it at the time.

Transfer attempted, need projector to work because he is wide awake!

Brrrrrrr its cold tonight

MrsNPattz Wed 05-Dec-12 05:05:58

Little man just fed for 25 mins on my poorly boob so it doesn't feel poorly any more - Yey! However he obviously took too much as we just had a massive spewy resulting in a half naked me with only my dressing gown for modesty as all my clothes are in the room where hubby is sleeping, a stripped bed and a changed little man - not so Yey! Ho hum you can't have it all grin

susie hope you are ok!

Ameybee Wed 05-Dec-12 05:10:08

Transfer fail confused. Wow mrsn that's fab - I think my boob would actually explode if baby bee went that long! I really hope he goes that long one day... Please!! X

MrsJingleBells74 Wed 05-Dec-12 05:15:59

We're on our third feed of the night. He was down to one night feed but then I went & jinxed it by telling people how well he was sleeping confused

StuntNun Wed 05-Dec-12 05:35:22

I think this had been the worst night since the first one home from hospital. After J woke at 12:39 he was awake for a couple of hours restless and seeming to be in pain. DH lost the plot because he has important meetings tomorrow so eventually I brought baby into bed where he slept for three hours. Not so good for me though as I was perched in the very edge of the bed with not enough duvet to cover me. I also kept stirring to check J had wriggled under the covers. Bloomin' DH woke up half an hour ago and moved J to his cot where of course he started crying again. He was happy in bed cuddled up with me and he was in the right position for a feed if he wanted one so I wish DH hadn't moved him. To add insult to injury DH is snoring away.

StuntNun Wed 05-Dec-12 05:36:39

Sorry if less than coherent. Two hours sleep does that to me.

elvislives2012 Wed 05-Dec-12 05:43:48

funch mmm bath of good sounds great but, no, I'm in the wWest Country
Sounds like. Mixed bag tonight. Major poosplosion just now. Poo everywhere and now a wide awake baby! Gah!
<hands round matchsticks for those that are awake>

MrsNPattz Wed 05-Dec-12 09:10:30

Well we won't be going anywhere today - woken up to thick snow!! Will have to go to clinic to get him weighed next week, I have asked the lady who runs baby massage to give the other lady my number if she wants to stay in touch, and I was going to make a drs appointment to get a referral about my eyes but that can wait!

Can't you believe baby Pattz is still sleeping! That's over 12 hours in his bed with one wake up!! Unfortunately I was awake more than that, and of course I'm a bit worried rather than overjoyed blush

There seems to be a lot of baby J's on this thread - I have a baby J too smile

StuntNun Wed 05-Dec-12 11:24:48

His name's James but we call our other kids by their initials too so J (or perhaps Jay) will be his nickname. So in my case it's legit!

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