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How to stay awake during night feeds - part 5

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MrsNPattz Mon 03-Dec-12 21:19:53

Here we are grin

goat thanks, I could but am worried about putting the car seat in!

We are putting the Moses basket in the big cot tonight to start getting him used to it as he will be too big for the basket soon!!

Bed time not going well so far.......

elvislives2012 Mon 10-Dec-12 00:17:19

First feed of the night here. Hoping DD will last for a few hours afterwards grin
mrsn a couple of weeks ago baby elvis would scream from 9-2am and would go down anytime during that time. I couldn't cope with that! Now around 8pm she has time on the mat kicking around with her nappy off, followed by bath if she is due one and then massaged every night with johnsons bedtime lotion. We then have a final feed in bed with the lights low. This has helped amazingly and she is usually asleep by 10. Sometimes she's too unsettled so it's later but not often. She's still really small (7weeks) so not strict but sending out the same signal every night has given us some structure. I can't stay awake until late at night, I'm rubbish at it!
Hope u all sleep well!

StuntNun Mon 10-Dec-12 01:00:28

1 a.m. and I still haven't got to sleep. I don't know how I'm supposed to do anything in the day, looking after J is a full time job. DH made dinner but didn't do the washing up so I have that to look forward to once I get the kids to school tomorrow. I hope J finishes this feed soon so I can get a little bit of sleep before the alarm goes off.

Susieloo Mon 10-Dec-12 01:06:19

1st feed of the night but just had a transfer fail just as I was nodding back off. Really hoping he goes through until gone 6, I can dream....

funchum8am Mon 10-Dec-12 03:15:58

stunt you poor thing, maybe leave the washing up and get DH to do it when he gets home? I do very little housework at the moment as babyfunch often naps when we are out in the cat or the buggy so I am busy with her when at home. Luckily DH prefers the housework as he thinks he does it better!

heff the christening sounds lovely! DH is organising babyfunch's as I am an atheist but he is making a right mess of it having some issues getting everyone we want and need there on a date when all are free, so it may be a way off!

Babyfunch has miraculously slept since we put her to bed extra early (after even a bath didn't wake her for long) so about 6.30pm until 3am! My boobs are exploding but I am a happy mummy...I just hope she sleeps some more tonight and can go this long a bit more regularly! smile

Sorry to hear some babies are such night owls...there doesn't seem to be much of a happy medium!

funchum8am Mon 10-Dec-12 03:55:25

Oh dear, megavom situation....just had to change both of us! sad

Susieloo Mon 10-Dec-12 04:16:37

Up again, I knew my three night good run wouldn't last.

elvislives2012 Mon 10-Dec-12 04:17:25

Second feed finished 15 minutes ago and mini elvis is now lying in her Moses basket looking very much awake and as if she's having a great time. It's 4am!!!!! Sleeeeeep baby hmm

Smallgreenone Mon 10-Dec-12 04:30:52

1st feed since 11 so not too bad.
We need to get on the case with our christening too. DH is being awkward about it because I want it in the church we got married in which is near my parents and he thinks its too far for jus family to travel (north east to midlands). I'm of the opinion though that they have cars and if they want to come then its an extra hour on the motorway than it would be to where we live so makes hardly any difference. I'm going to get my way on this!
Lunch today was delicious and I got a Yorkshire pudding!!! I also had treacle tart and clotted cream for pud, mmmmmmmm yummy!
Attempting transfer. Expecting a fail!

Susieloo Mon 10-Dec-12 04:47:02

Still up.....

Goatbongohohoandjinglejingle Mon 10-Dec-12 06:06:58

What. A. Night.
Kid still can't really breathe very comfortably and still wants to tell the world about it. Unfortunately he has most of his voice back too! He wriggled and kicked and boxed and yelled and explained and rolled and scratched and did everything bar the hokey cokey. Then of course had a vom because he had worked himself up so much. sad
And today I have to go over to my old house and finish packing it up, because it will complete on Thursday. Well, I guess the upside of all this may be that he will be so exhausted that he will sleep and let me get on with things.
Sorry not to name check, am zombie-in-waiting.
Though grin at the thought of a curry-off!

StuntNun Mon 10-Dec-12 08:08:45

Thanks Funch. DH got up early and did it! He still isn't forgiven though because he got up and turned the alarm off so now I haven't got time for a shower before I have to head out. hmm

Smallgreenone Mon 10-Dec-12 08:47:00

I didnt get a transfer fail so had another three hours. Amazing! Sorry for all those with bad nights.
Good luck packing today goat
Monday is house tidy day for us and then baby yoga later which I think I enjoy more than baby small!

MrsNPattz Mon 10-Dec-12 09:50:29

Well well well ladies, my little star just slept from 11:30 until 9!! I woke at just after 7 and expressed a little then went back to sleep. Just what I have been needing!! Sorry to sound smug when there have been some rubbish nights! I'm still full of cold this morning but hubby has a half day to take me to the eye hospital later so will have an extra pair of hands this afternoon.

heff thanks for the link! They text at 2 to say they were just getting ready angry

elvis thank you so much! We try and have a routine and I take him upstairs at about half 8/9 so it's quiet and dark but sometimes I can be there 3 hours before he is down properly! I guess it just takes time, although I'm not really complaining when he then sleeps 9 hours!! wink

Ameybee Mon 10-Dec-12 18:12:19

mrsn I am green with envy ;)! That is fantastic! Sounds like he's getting there! We found that DD just settled earlier as time went on so I wouldn't worry.
We've just bathed both of them as they were tired, much earlier than usual if DS goes down but figured as it usually takes an hour or 2 to settle him then I've got a head start! He's been very good today although naps were on me as DD had a friend over & they were playing happily noisily upstairs!! Xx

Smallgreenone Mon 10-Dec-12 19:40:52

Baby small is in bed and so am I as feeling poorly sad
I had to buy some salted caramel profiteroles to help me through the day grin they are delicious!

Susieloo Mon 10-Dec-12 20:06:10

Just popped on to catch up before I go to sleep and small you have to tell me where I can get salted caramel profiteroles from-they sound amazing and I'm ravenous so could eat a million!!

MrsNPattz Mon 10-Dec-12 20:19:18

Evening all!

I had my hospital appointment about my eyes today - they are making me another appointment with a surgeon to discuss my options! If it flares up again I can go straight in for bandage contact lenses blush

I also have an appointment tomorrow with my health visitor for a chat.

small oh yum - they are from M&S aren't they? I have to go there on Thurs so will be purchasing some grin

amey I hope so!

We are putting my baby boy in his big cot tonight for the first time, I feel a little bit sad sad

funchum8am Mon 10-Dec-12 21:11:27

Erm, I feel a visit to M&S coming on blush

mrsn at least they are taking your needs seriously, good luck with the doctors!

DH has made a lovely dinner and we have shared a bottle of wine which is naughty, especially on a Monday. If babyfunch wakes up for a feed before the wine is out of my system I will have to defrost some ebm for her. Oops. Bad mummy.

My stepmum has come down from oop north to visit for the afternoon, and we have had a fab afternoon catching up and looking at ferry times and prices, booking a villa, and checking out vineyards near where we are staying on a family holiday to France for her 50th next year. It was lovely to spend time with someone who sees babyfunch as part of a wider family context and isn't just focused on her next feed....that probably sounds really odd but I know what I mean!

Better get me to bed as I can't depend on her sleeping straight through til 3am again! Good luck for the night everyone....

Smallgreenone Mon 10-Dec-12 23:04:38

Yes m and s susieloo and they are on 3 for 2 and freezable. I have stocked up!
Sending this from my death bed..........feel awful. Poor DH has been banished to upstairs as I don't want him to catch it. And poor baby small who will no doubt get it. Unless its mastitis again which it might be as right up in my armpit is a bit sore but then it could be just part of the virus, will see how I go. If I don't return it's been nice knowing you.....................!
<melodramatic smiley>

Ameybee Mon 10-Dec-12 23:07:52

There are times when I wish DH had boobs and tonight is one of them! DS has changed his mind and refused e earlier confused I'm so knackered I came to bed at 9 and he's just woke up - transfer fail, I need zzz! DH is sleeping already - I have never heard anyone breathe so loudly! I'm jealous of him getting 7 hours sleep in a row! I want some!! X

Ameybee Mon 10-Dec-12 23:08:26

Refused ebm that's meant to say! X

Ameybee Mon 10-Dec-12 23:10:41

small hope you feel better soon & its not mastitis! DH has been moping about like a wet lettuce with his cold all day confused, if i wasn't so tired I'd be more sympathetic towards him ;) x

MissingMyBaubles Mon 10-Dec-12 23:35:01

I'm on the SECOND feed of the night already hmm seemingly we are back to less than 2 hourssad Please let this just be a top up before an 8 hour stretchhmm <wishful thinking smiley>
Last night was 2-3 hourly but then we had a wee leak and singing and dancing at 6.39 this morning so I brought her in with me and we slept til 9 &#128564;(DD1 off again today but will be back tomorrow)

Susieloo Tue 11-Dec-12 00:11:31

First feed since relatively easy bed at 6, he does seem very awake though and is talking to the man in the moon which went on for over an hour last night, sorry to hear of all the poorliness. I am on a kit day tomorrow and will be heading straight to m and sgrin

HeffalumpsAndWoozles Tue 11-Dec-12 00:41:43

Oh no small hope you're feeling better soon & its not mastitis again sad

We've just got home, journey not too bad after a dodgy start (spectacular vom-a-thon from babylump necessitating full change of clothes half way up the A30) DD1 has gone straight back to sleep upstairs but babylump is wide awake, although she was a really good girl and slept for the whole drive back (unlike DD1 who spent the first half yelling "mummy booobs, booooobs muummmyyy!!" [by boobs she means boots, as in the welly boots I had taken off her when she refused to stop chewing them... hmm ]).

How are all the babies behaving tonight? mrsn hooray for your lovely long stretch last night smile

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