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5month old suddenly refusing bottle

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thezoobmeister Sun 02-Dec-12 07:09:02

I think it is pretty common for babies to change their minds about bottles - one reason why the old advice to get them used to a bottle early is pointless!

how important is it to you that she has a bottle every day? if not, maybe the best thing to do is just leave it til you have to go out - she's much more likely to take it then when she's hungry and you're not there. I think persisting, if not done sensitively, could turn a temporary issue into an aversion.

Flickstar Sat 01-Dec-12 20:50:49

How interesting, perhaps there is something about these naughty five month olds?! My problem is that he is generally not interested in eating much in the day as he is too nosy... He instead wakes all night to feed as its dark and quiet. Could always try it at night I suppose?!

emski1972 Sat 01-Dec-12 20:45:41

Errmm 5 months and having exactly the same problem and I have to go away for a weekend so have to solve the problem. He has had a bottle on various occasions without any problems and has now started refusing so I employed a technique that was suggested by a night nanny.
Basically if you offer the bottle at 11am and he refuses stop and offer it again at 2pm or whatever your routine is, if he refuses at 2pm stop and offer again at the next feed. I had a strike today until boobs are killing me now...
I think its fairly easy to solve with some persistence and nerves of steel. I had the same problem with my DD as she was ebf for 6 months and flatly refused for 6 weeks until we took this approach although she had less staying power and only skipped one feed. He wakes up all bloody night so he had plenty in reserve!!

Flickstar Sat 01-Dec-12 18:53:51

I religiously gave my DS a bottle of expressed milk everyday from when he was a month old so I wouldn't be in the position where he was a bottle refuser... This was until two weeks ago when I thought rather than giving him my expressed milk I would stash it in the freezer as I had a few nights out planned over Christmas. He didn't have a bottle for about two weeks and I assumed as he'd had one everyday for so long it wouldn't be a problem, however he is now refusing the bottle. Rather than suck he chews on the teat and let's the milk flow everywhere. I'm wondering if anyone has any advice, shall I persevere with the existing bottles (Tomee Tipee CTN)? Or try new ones? Perhaps a latex teat? Has anyone's baby gone through a phase like this and then gone back onto the bottle? I'm panicking as I have a Christmas party next week that I really want to go to and I'm so cross that after being so diligent it's all gone to waste sad

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