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13 month old with diaorrhea - will breast-feeding help?

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icravecheese Mon 26-Nov-12 17:38:01

Hi all,
Dc3 is 13months old and has caught a terrible tummy bug - only got diaorrhea than goodness, no projectile vomiting, but poor little love is very pale & sad. I was BF her just first thing in morning and last thing at night, but I have given her a few extra breastfeeds whilst she's been poorly as (a) it comforts her and (b) I am (correctly?) assuming that breastmilk is the best thing for her whilst poorly....

Am I right, or should I not give her breast milk? Should I cut out dairy myself (I was told by drs in past with my other 2 that children can become lactose intolerant during tummy bugs so dairy makes them worse)? I don't really want to crank BF back up again when I have got it down to 2 a day so nicely now....but if breast milk really is best for her, i'm happy to look like dolly parton again whilst she is poorly.

Any thoughts?

HoratiaWinwood Mon 26-Nov-12 17:41:03

Bf on demand and don't be surprised by the demand.

DS1 had swine flu at 13m which mostly presents as diarrhoea, and he had nothing but bm for about three days I was hollow. It is a complete food and very hydrating after all.

Our local milk bank donates some bm to the GI ward as it is so good for poorly tummies.

Hope small person gets better soon.

icravecheese Mon 26-Nov-12 17:45:21

many thanks horatia - just spotted a very similar thread further down the page which was asking exactly as I was, seems general consensus is to just go for it with the BF, so that is what I will do!
Somebody pass me a good book & an urn of tea, i'm settling into the sofa for the foreseeable (never mind what the older 2 monkeys will get up to in the meantime!!!)

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