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Is it so wrong to give my baby horlicks

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FioFio Thu 06-Apr-06 15:37:58

Message deleted

oliveoil Thu 06-Apr-06 15:38:57

why did you leave the weaning so long?

jmum6 Thu 06-Apr-06 15:39:41


eefs Thu 06-Apr-06 15:39:52

icecream is great for numbing the gums when they are teething

motherinferior Thu 06-Apr-06 15:40:15

I'd put a shot of rum in.

GDG Thu 06-Apr-06 15:40:30

I hope it's the chocolate malted one. Mmmmm.

suzywong Thu 06-Apr-06 15:40:49

what about Bournvita?

it's choclatey

jmum6 Thu 06-Apr-06 15:41:11

Frozen vodka jelly's the best for soothing gums and having a good nights sleep. Two for the price of 1

browniegirl Tue 11-Apr-06 14:17:21

How old is your baby cos horlicks will rot their teeth before they even come through I would stick to milk or boiled water. And as for those mums recommending alcohol I hope they were joking this can badly damage their liver and kidneys I can't believe some one could be so stupid.

CHICagoMUM Tue 11-Apr-06 14:19:34

Browniegirl. Do you think anyone is really being serious?

biglips Tue 11-Apr-06 14:20:03

brownie - im sure they are joking!! - i hope??

as ive never thought of giving my DD - 18m - horlicks but then again i wouldnt dare try either incase it rotted her teeth!

FioFio Tue 11-Apr-06 14:22:08

Message deleted

jmum6 Tue 11-Apr-06 14:22:40

Well I was joking, don't know about the others though................

biglips Tue 11-Apr-06 14:23:09

wow!! ive never heard of it before....

tomasinatank Tue 11-Apr-06 14:23:53

surely if the vodka jelly is not sugar and rather the saccarine and asparatine type it will be fine

CHICagoMUM Tue 11-Apr-06 14:23:55

Nor can teeth be rotted before they come through

browniegirl Tue 11-Apr-06 14:27:52

When a mum is desperate for a few hours sleep they will take any advice sometimes, if they think someone else has tried it then it will be ok for them to. Don't assume!

Flamesparrow Tue 11-Apr-06 14:38:54

Oh no Tomasinatank - don't use the evil sweetners, it'll either send em hyper or just slowly poison them from the inside

jmum6 Tue 11-Apr-06 17:18:48

browniegirl-I understand your point but sometimes it's good to have a laugh, especially if you're tired!

misdee Tue 11-Apr-06 17:20:53

fiofio doesnt even have a baby

my ds prefers cadburys hot choc.

madmarchhare Tue 11-Apr-06 17:21:10

Seriously though, friends HV suggested brandy in her DSs bottle at 3 months.

zippitippitoes Tue 11-Apr-06 17:21:31

oh is it an old wives tale about teeth coming through rotten? I always believed it

VeniVidiVickiQV Tue 11-Apr-06 17:22:05

How can you be sure Chicagomum

chill out bg.

jmum6 Tue 11-Apr-06 17:24:05

No!!! Surely not madmarchhare

madmarchhare Tue 11-Apr-06 17:26:16

Yes, absolutely, she mentioned it in conversation because her gran had said something about 'in my day..... blah blah..' when her DS wouldnt settle and HV said, 'well, I should really say, but I can see your sensible...'

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