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Vomiting after feeds all of a sudden in 13mo - any ideas/help/solutions? Is this self-weaning??? (long, sorry)

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CorporeSarnie Fri 23-Nov-12 10:32:47

Thanks NoNo, I think I was being a bit irrational last night, and was feeling a bit defensive.
DH was able to settle her and she slept until around midnight, then woke wanting a feed (as she'd thrown up her bedtime milk and half her dinner I couldn't blame her). I cautiously fed her, popped her down and all fine. Same again at 6am and then morning feed was fine. Went off to nursery smiling.
I actually now think that the problem is either that she had a bit of a bug, or that she's increased how much food she's taking on, and has eyes bigger than her stomach (although aren't babies just meant to eat til they're full?). I will try bringing dinner forward vs her bedtime feed, so that she's not shovelling it on top too soon, and try not letting the bedtime feed go on and on and on (this would be nice for me as well, as an hour of bfing a one-year old does seem ott).

NoNoNoMYDoIt Thu 22-Nov-12 23:27:03

I really can't think it could be your milk suddenly. My dd had a bug aged 1 and she randomly vomited copiously for about 2 weeks. She was fine for a day or so then one or two chunders a day and often at the end of the day after a milk feed. She was fine in herself too. I suspect that is all it is. Coincidence that it is happening when you feed her.

CorporeSarnie Thu 22-Nov-12 22:50:45

They seemed happy enough to take her after my detailed explanation of our night, and she was happy (even immediately after being sick), and unfortunately I had multiple non-negotiable deadlines today and DH was also busy. Had she seemed unwell they were under instruction to call me & I'd have dropped things, but she was her normal self. Bizarrely she wasn't sick at all all day, but tonight vomiting again. If it were consistent then I'd presume it was a virus, but this just doesn't make sense to me.
Am considering stopping feeding as I'm worried somehow my milk is making her sick.

NoNoNoMYDoIt Thu 22-Nov-12 22:39:03

No I don't think it is self weaning. Sounds like a bug. Surprised they had her at nursery after the vomiting tbh...

CorporeSarnie Thu 22-Nov-12 22:36:13

I am not really sure if I should place this here or in weaning, but the primary prob is bf, so am here for now.
DD is 13mo, has been bf'd, eating fine and have introduced beakers of cow's milk during day, taking approx 200-300ml in two cups at nursery with breakfast and afternoon snack. I bf her 7am, 5.30pm, 8pm (bedtime feed, often feeds to sleep), then usually once or twice in the night, goes off to sleep as soon as has had her milk.
Last week she had a cold with high fever, and a little bit of vomiting, but has recovered fine. I now have horrible head cold with catarrh etc., but have not taken paracetamol or decongestants or anything for a few days. Am not sure if this is relevant, but am including in case anyone has an idea linked to this.
Last night she had tea (tomato quiche, broccoli, carrots, new pots; a piece of pear and a few spoons yoghurt and a small piece of cheese), bath, bf bed all fine. At 4.30 she woke for night feed, all normal, then GUSH VOMIT EVERYWHERE!!!
She went back to sleep afterwards fine, not unhappy at all, then had milk at 5.30 or so again vomited a bit, I got up 6.30 and then fed her around 7am, at 8ish she threw up everywhere on way to buggy.
She had a normal day at nursery, ate her meals, drank her water and milk, all fine. I fed her when she woke up after the walk home (she tends to doze off in the pram), all OK. Dinner (pasta filled with tomato [from a packet], homemade cheese sauce, cucumber sticks, some yoghurt). DH was meant to put to bed while I went to pn exercise class.
Came home, baby still up (rubbish excuses about having fun playing etc., but fine, it's only one night), got ready for bed, feed, vomited everywhere again on newly-changed sheets <rolls eyes>.
My diet has been nothing unusual at all in last couple days, and I ate the same teas as her.
Am currently on sofa trying not to cry whilst DH tries to settle her as she was clawing at me for milk/comfort and I don't want to make her sick again. I don't want the end of bf'ing to be like this!
Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening, or what I can do to help my baby girl? I know, this is a bit trivial in comparison to getting new mums feeding, but I'm so sad and worried about how I'll settle her when she's so used to mummy=milk=comfort.
Thanks for any help!

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