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Baby is so difficult to feed

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spambolina Wed 21-Nov-12 21:00:04

Ok, where to begin! Its a long one!!
Have a gorgeous 4 month old DD who is such a difficult feeder I'm at my wits end. She is fed combination of breast and formula. Had tongue tie which was found by lactose midwife after we were re admitted on day 4. She became colicky at 3weeks, then it seemed to improve and then since about 3 months maybe even more it seemed to get worse, certainly the feeding has become more of an issue: we now have to feed her upright and walking around the house. Having to do this for as soon as we stop or sit down she gets more and more fretful.
I have spd so carrying,walking and feeding can be quite painful.
I try feeding her in bouncy chair and it helps a little but she is clearly uncomfortable: arching, crying, grunting. Was using Infacol but not sure it was doing much. Went to Dr and got some infant gaviscon to try for reflux, well that went down like a ton of bricks, and she refused to take it so can not tell if its reflux or not!

So, not sure what to try next.......

I can hear her tummy or bottom making noises when I'm feeding her and she will pull off the bottle after the first couple of gulps, clearly uncomfortable. She is so windy. So what's happening is she will only feed maybe an ounce at a time, ,then have a bit more in 20 mins, then have a play , then sleep for 30 mins, wake hungry feed a little, take a bit more in another 20 mins etc etc, it continues all day like this. As a result she's a grumpy, fretful thing during the day unless of course she is asleep in the sling on me or someone elses arms then shes happy and content.
Has anyone else had similar problems? Would you recommend gripe water? Change formula? Milk intolerance perhaps? Anyone tried goats milk formula?
Could it still be colic, thought they start to improve around 4months?

Would love to put her more on the breast as she now only takes a feed in the night from the boob. She sleeps thru the night till 4am.

When she was taking more of the boob she was still like this and I was having to walk and breast feed! But this only started around the 3month mark, up until that point we would do usual breast feeding positions. Now she would like the bottle more as I guess it's easier? Anyway, have tried to entice her back to the breast but she not so interested now.

We were using the breastflow bottles to encourage her to stay on the breast, but switched to Dr Browns in the hope that they would help with the colic, yet she is still little Miss Windy Pups!

narmada Wed 28-Nov-12 21:16:36

IIRC- If i remember correctly smile

If you wanted.... and yhis is only a suggestion, you can buy a tub of aptamil pepti 1 over the counter in boots. It's a hydrolysate formula. Usually has to be ordered in specially but might be woeth a go. It is expensive though and it would ideally be your GP who prescribed it for this reason alone.

I did try weaning early but DS was not interested. Not surprising really given his guts were in a right old state on account of allergic reaction to milk I was feeding him sad

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