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Cracked bleeding nipples second baby please help!

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chroniclackofimagination Wed 21-Nov-12 10:41:46

I breastfed my first for nine months, he's now two and I have a two day old. Hospital said my latch was fine (am now home) but both nipples are shredded and I don't know what I'm doing wrong! Do I just need to feed through the pain and wait for them to toughen up? Or do I need to get him checked for a tounge tie? I am making sure he latches with a wide mouth, chin against my breast and nipple toward the roof of his mouth.

Elsqueak Wed 21-Nov-12 12:10:43

Ow! I feel your pain. Feels like baby has razor blades for gums!
Am breastfeeding baby 2 who's 10days old. Firstly, get some Lanisoh nipple cream - it is soothing and keeps nips from drying out. Mine haven't bled yet as I got this stuff on from the start as had awful bleeding with first baby. Nipple shields did nothing for me. Total waste of money imo.
Second, can you get to a breastfeeding support group? It sounds like you know how to latch correctly but it may be something else causing problems. Get an advisor to watch you latch.
Definitely get tongue tie checked.
Try this for breastfeeding info:
Good luck and keep going! I am with you!

Thumbwitch Wed 21-Nov-12 12:17:05

Might as well check for tonguetie - even a partial can cause problems - both my babies had partial posterior TT, both shredded my nips and both needed it snipping for me to get full relief. But yes, your nips do toughen up after a couple of weeks even with the TT - still get squished nips, and DS2 has a nice line in rolling the nips between his gums hmm which he hasn't quite stopped yet (TT snipped a week ago)

YorkshireRose12 Wed 21-Nov-12 14:10:33

Hi chronic, I feel your pain - have been there! I would advise the following...

1. Get thee to your local BFing group so a BFing counsellor can watch a whole feed and check your latch - it sounds like it's good from what you describe and it sounds like you know exactly what to be doing and looking for, but it never hurts to get a third party to observe.

2. Get your LO checked for tongue tie. This can cause serious nipple damage (did in my case). If present, it's best to get it snipped sooner rather than later - otherwise your LO may learn how to feed with the TT present and will then have to re-learn how to feed "correctly" IYSWIM which can take time and prolong the pain. Best person to check for TT is a BFing counsellor or infant feeding advisor at the hospital; you can ask MW/HV/GP, but be warned they are not always great at diagnosing TT so be prepared to go and get second opinions if necessary. It will help if you've had your latch checked before any TT diagnosis, because often the impact of TT on maternal pain is underestimated, so you may be told the TT isn't affecting feeding and to work in positioning and attachment, so it will help if you can pre-empt this by saying your latch has already been checked.

3. Yes to Lansinoh - try to get it right down into the cracks. You need to keep them moist to stop them sticking together and re-opening every time your LO latches on. Be patient, the healing process may seem slow, but they will eventually heal from the inside out. If they ate very deep you may need to keep your bra off them as pressure and friction from your bra can prevent them from healing. If this happens breast shells are helpful.

4. Take painkillers if you need them in the meantime, you can take both Paracetamol and ibuprofen whilst BFing.

Good luck!

Velo Thu 22-Nov-12 03:51:51

I was advised to make a nipple bandage. Wet some gauze with breastmilk, needs to be soaking. Place over nipple and cover with cling film. Hold in place with bra. Keeps nipple moist and breastmilk is healing. If it dries out before removing then moisten. Hope this helps.

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