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Did you quit BFing sooner than planned? And how did you feel about it?

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Angelico Sat 17-Nov-12 23:53:21

Have been BFing DD for nearly 8 weeks now and for the last 4 weeks have been struggling with recurrent blocked ducts. They are so painful. Have tried everything including 2 lots of ABs for borderline mastitis. Had no bother for 2 weeks and tonight they are back. Have combed and massaged, fed and expressed, had hot bath, taken lecithin and Ibuprofen.

I'm getting really fed up - keep thinking "I will give it one more week..." Have really mixed feelings about quitting BFing - when it goes well I love it but I am tired of the pain when the ducts block. Always the same place (1 o'clock to 5 o'clock on right breast, bar one random blocked duct on Thurs on left which cleared within 8 hours) and they take a couple of days to clear. The pain is horrible and makes me miserable but when it goes away everything is fine again.

I feel really conflicted about it all sad Think I would feel really sad if I gave it up as there is a real bond with DD when feeding her but life would be so stress free if I gave up and didn't have to worry about blocked ducts / pain / intermittent engorgement. Could also have a full night of sleep some nights as DH would give her bottles ON.

Anyway just wondered how people felt about giving up - if you felt more guilty or relieved when you quit. Or did you have problems which magically settled at a certain point?

FadBook Wed 05-Dec-12 20:51:33

Angelico I followed your thread when you first posted, that's great to hear you are ok now & have continued to feed your dd. Those first few weeks are so emotional and hormonal I don't think you know if your coming or going, and whether your decision making even makes sense! You did good to come on here and help you. smile

It's funny you mention your d&c as I had one of those for retained placenta at around 11 weeks and I too had horrendous blocked ducts prior to this. I wonder if there was a link for me too? Or if things did just 'level out' at 12 weeks like others have said.

I've notice very recently the same pain coming back again in my boob. I thought of my bra and stopped wearing it and its gone now. I think nursing bras need to be properly fitted (or don't wear one at all). At night time, I wear a vest top with hidden support (from Primark £2.50 in the underwear section) and you can still put pads in (and they kind of stop in place!)

Also watch out for seat belts in the car during long journeys- they too can cause blocked ducts.

Really pleased to hear all ok smile

Angelico Thu 06-Dec-12 10:48:07

Thanks Muppet smile And Fadbook interesting coincidence so maybe there is something in it! Will bear the seatbelt thing in mind too - only shortish drives recently but a few long ones coming up to Christmas so thanks smile

Elpis Mon 10-Dec-12 17:54:13

Hi Angelico!

A friend of mine couldn't feed much at all in the early weeks. It turned out that her placenta was still there and her milk came in properly when it was removed. Similarly, my aunt couldn't BF in the 1960s and a piece of her placenta emerged weeks later while she was in the bath. When the placenta leaves the uterus it triggers lactation hormones. So that might well have been the problem. smile

Angelico Tue 11-Dec-12 20:04:46

Hey Elpis <waves> smile

I had no problem with milk supply - if anything oversupply - but think that the blocked ducts were definitely linked, am 3+weeks clear now...

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