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gripe water in the feeds?

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Numusho Sat 17-Nov-12 22:54:41

My dd just turned4 wks n is so colicky. On EBM n formula topup. Giving her colief n infacol. I want tostop infacol n give her gripe wAter. Any advise desperately welcome. Can I give gripe water without having to give a feed??

Numusho Mon 19-Nov-12 19:33:09

I think she has a bit of regurgitation. I have to hold her upright for good half hour before I can put her down. I thought it was normal posseting but she brings up almost everything then crying for a feed. Hiccups n coughing when I put her down.
I probably just have a baby who is a bit fussy n my nerves r stretched from everybody telling me I should know these things!!! Medical books lie!!!
tiktok thanks....oh everybody around me whose had babies r good at telling's good for them to cry....Even at the waiting room today..random lady after cooing at Dd says oh make sure u leave her alone for a babies everybody likes to pick n then she will constantly want to be picked sense in spoiling them. I was gobsmacked n just stared at her like what the.....?

If it feels like I'm's probably coz my brains have baby virus in them n sorry if I was not very clear....just over whelmed I guess

tiktok Mon 19-Nov-12 22:31:26

numusho, the medical books don't have much to say about normal, healthy babies and it may be your baby is just that smile

Lots of young babies possett a lot and need careful upright holding for a while after feeds - this is not a sign of anything wrong, honest. All babies get hiccups from time to time, sometimes a lot. All babies cough and splutter. It's normal for a baby who possetts to want feeding afterwards.

It is utterly ridiculous to think that babies get spoiled by being held and loved and responded to - what nonsense!! Have confidence in yourself and your instincts and don't let others undermine you.

whenwill Tue 20-Nov-12 16:37:22

All sounds very much like reflux behaviour to me (dd had hiccups and needed to be held up too)- is it projectile vomit? And my gp and paediatrician missed the tongue tie too. Get an upright sling (one that doesn't bend body) e.g. baby bjorn, and/or upright bouncer for after feeds. It will get better and gaviscon should help

Numusho Wed 21-Nov-12 11:31:40

I suggested reflux to the gp but dd a bit young for gaviscon. I'm looking to buy a sling to carry her upright but its gonna have to wait sad
Oh yeah her vomits a spectacular projectile via nose n mouth. They r rare..usually she was fed lying down. (Not by me) Right now she sleeping upright on my tummy after crying herself to sleep. sad
I put gripe water with her feed, she refused the bottle. I put it in a syringe for her she spat it out.

ElphabaTheGreen Wed 21-Nov-12 11:43:46

The Ergobaby is a really comfortable sling that you can get a newborn insert for so you can carry her upright. It's got a little hood/canopy thing you can pull over her head to block out stimulation so she can sleep in it too. I wish I'd had this one with DS from the start, but like a mug, I got a Baby Bjorn and by the time my screaming back and shoulders told me it was a bad choice, he was too hooked on 'crotch dangling' to try anything else!

Numusho Wed 21-Nov-12 15:40:09

I was looking at the Kari me cloth slings. Still waiting to hear from the physiotherapist for a review on my SPD ....
I still want to try n breast feed her rather than EBM but now she chews on my nipple n it's so painful...she is resting on my boob n it HURTS!!!

ElphabaTheGreen Wed 21-Nov-12 16:38:40

It took me eight weeks to be remotely pain free with BFing. At the time it felt like forever but now it feels like hardly any time at all and all of the pain and stress was COMPLETELY worth it. You've done so well to keep going this long. It does pay dividends in the end! smile

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