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Dropping Feeds

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Softlysoftly Sat 17-Nov-12 17:09:46

Starting to wean DD2 (6m), she has gone from feeding 2 hourly and all bloody night to barely feeding. I'm not sure if she is getting too little milk or if I am just used to constant feeding!

HV says not to offer and just wait until she demands, and to give cooled boiled water with meals as she's had some hard poo (though I blame that on a banana experiment).

I just wanted to check with you wise ladies! Routine (can vary) is now- 7/8am bf, 11am bf, 12.30/1 solid food, 3pm sometimes bf sometimes she's not bothered. 5.30 solids, 7pm bf to sleep (sometimes regular until 10pm). 2am bf, 5am bf.

amazingmumof6 Sat 17-Nov-12 19:38:30

seems about right and banana can cause a bit of constipation, as can carrots and apples

I suggest you read Suzannah Olivier's "What to feed my baby?" for fantastic advice, health info, lists of food to be introduced at 4-6 months, then what you can add at 6-9 months, 9-12 months and beyond. recipes also

ZuleikaD Sun 18-Nov-12 07:00:11

A teaspoonful of diluted orange juice can help with constipation, as can pureed apple (apple does not contribute to constipation) but it sounds like she's perhaps not getting enough fluid. At 6m I would breastfeed before you offer solids - solids aren't supposed to be a source of any real nutrition at this point. I'm not sure you had the best advice from your HV - I would still be offering, not waiting till she demands. What's she having in terms of solids? A tablespoonful or two of puree each time or something soft she can feed herself is ideal at 6m.

Softlysoftly Sun 18-Nov-12 08:43:19

Thanks, she's having puréed fruit or what we've had for dinner, also giving her bits solid eg pasta, carrot batons she plays more than eats but that's fine!

The banana I let her hold whole and she chewed off three quarters shock think that's what bunged her up.

I'll have a look for that book.

amazingmumof6 Sun 18-Nov-12 15:54:54

Zuleika I'm sorry, but for some children apple can cause constipation or the opposite, remember we are all different!

also citrus fruits under the age of one can cause diarrohea, even in very small quantities! and they are very acidic, so best avoided until 1st birthday

Softlysoftly I'd suspect the banana too smile

yes, that book is really good, It worked well for us and I used it with my 5 sons - and now on it with baby girl! good luck!

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