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Breastfeeding - Sudden twisting and pulling mid-feed

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JaffaSnaffle Sat 17-Nov-12 16:31:54

My DD2, 19 days old, is breastfed. She is quite a wriggly baby, and latching on can take a good few minutes, with hands and arms flying everywhere.

Once she is on, she is still, has a good latch, and feeds well, but then after a 5/10 mins, she starts twisting her head, or pulling down on my nipple, while still attached. It really hurts, and I am breaking off the latch with my finger as soon as she does it, but why is she doing this, and can I prevent it?

I am wondering if she is getting windy mid feed? I've tried burping her, but she just gets upset, and starts rooting again. I am wondering if she is unable to distinguish stomach/wind pain from hunger? Any tips would be welcome.

Awakeagain Sat 17-Nov-12 16:38:20

My ds had started to do this as well! Sometimes it's really hard to break the latch too because if how he is pulling!
I'd love any advice/info too
(Sorry for hijacking)

MousyMouse Sat 17-Nov-12 16:46:36

...just wait until she/he does the flamingo (standing on one leg whilsy feeding) or 'tuning' the other nipple...

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