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TTC and nipple twiddling!!!

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Jakeyblueblue Sat 17-Nov-12 15:15:59

Have two queries that I was hoping some experienced breastfeeder might be able to help with.
Ds is 16 months and still bf. minimal day feeds but still a total boob monster in the night. (Co sleepers). AF came back about six months ago and been trying on and off for dc2 since.
I am pretty sure I ov'd on weds as been charting etc but have got terrible sore nipples. They feel bruised! Have had sore nips around ov before and also the day before AF but never this bad and never for so long after.. Anyone else get this? And if so how long does it last? Do you think the fact it hasn't gone away could mean I've caught this cycle?
Secondly, and rather annoyingly, ds has developed a love of nipple twiddling. He like to twiddle one whilst feeding from the other! It's a bit skin crawly at the best of times but now my nips are so sore it's really bad! Have tried covering it etc but he ferrets around until he gets upset and I end up producing the other nip for him! I know this is pretty common but was wondering if anyone had any tips to stop it happening. If I do get pregs at some point the nipple soreness is only going to get worse so want to nip this in the bud ( pardon the pun! )
Thanks in advance!

Spiritedwolf Sat 17-Nov-12 16:47:02

Sore nipples does seem to be a clue to pregnancy so you might well have got lucky.

Have you tried giving him an alternative thing to fiddle with, like a breastfeeding necklace or a small toy? The thing about him fiddling with your other nipple is that it'll stimulate your milk flow, so I'd imagine that it isn't necessarily just a distraction, its also him turning up the radio dial too. Maybe you could try breast compressions if he likes his milk a bit quicker?

I don't have an older one nipple twiddling so don't know about other practical solutions to the problem. How about positioning, can he do it in the cradle hold? (I have a 3 month old and he concentrates on stroking and paddling the breast he's on so can't quite imagine what an older baby is capable of) But then his body pressing against your breast might still be tender.

Sorry I haven't been more help, good luck with that pregnancy test when it is time for it.

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