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So many problems, please help!

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DreamySleepyNightySnoozySnooze Fri 16-Nov-12 13:16:59

Ds2 is nearly 10 weeks old. He got oral thrush in his 1st week, which passed to my right nipple. I also had an enormous crack in the same nipple, so feeding was agonising. He was prescribed Nystatin and I got Clotrimozole. I used Lansinoh by the bucketload for the crack.

After 2 weeks the thrush seemed to have cleared up, and the crack was healing, so I stopped the treatment. It came back after about a week, so this time the GP prescribed Daktarin for both of us. I have been using this ever since, and his mouth is a lot better but his tongue is still white. The GP suggested Nystatin, but I said he'd already had that so he said to keep on with the Daktarin.

I got another crack in the same nipple, but this wasn't as bad as the first, and it healed up after a week.

Is there anything else I can do to help clear up the thrush once and for all? It's been 9 bloody weeks!

The HV suggested the thrush might have got inside the ducts, so I would need different treatment and to ask the GP. The GP said that wasn't possible though, and I could only have topical treatment when BFing.

I also have a lot of problems with his latch. He doesn't always open his mouth wide enough so I have to pinch my nipple and shove it in when I get the chance. He is capable of opening wide, he just doesn't always. Once latched on he will feed fine for a while (unless it's a feed like I describe below), then start to slip off as he falls asleep, no matter how close I hold him. If I take him off to re-latch, he won't go back on. I assume he's had enough, and just carries on sucking for comfort as he falls asleep. He has been checked by a Lactation Consultant for tongue tie and he doesn't have one.

He sometimes feeds calmly, other times (usually in the evening) he thrashes about, bites, shakes his head, twists his face into me, pulls off and screams. He is really abusing my nipples, and the right nipple is incredibly painful. It feels like it's being stabbed with needles as he starts feeding, eases off during the feed, then the sharp, stabbing pain returns along with an ache after he has finished, and lasts for about an hour. I don't know if this is due to the thrush, or if he's causing damage to my nipple. It's really hard to get him in a good position to latch on because he's thrashing about so much.

I feel like we're going round in circles. Just as I think it's getting better, it gets painful again. I think I'm depressed, as I can't stop crying, and feel so awful all the time, and this is not helping. The GP is dismissive, and the lactation consultant was patronising and didn't offer any advice I couldn't find online.

I'm going to phone the breastfeeding network and la leche league this afternoon, but I wanted to ask on here too, as MN is my first port of call for advice!

Ileithyia Wed 21-Nov-12 13:59:33

That's great, hope the osteopath helps, and the tongue/lip tie are resolved soon too. grin

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