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Has anyone bf milk allergic baby past 12 months?

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mamaonion Thu 15-Nov-12 21:41:48

So will try to be concise!!! My 11 mo is allergic to milk, eggs, nuts peanuts and sesame. Before I knew all this I aimed to bf to 1yr and switch to cows milk. It's been a tough old slog in parts and would probably have caved around 9months if it wasn't for the allergy, as this is how far I made it with previous babies. But we're nearly there!

I saw a specialist dietician about how to accommodate the lack of food groups due to allergy, and she suggested soya/fortified coconut/oat milk as his main milk. She seemed very pro dairy substitutes in general in the diet and seemed a little cold in bf. She said there would, in her opinion, be no real benefit to continuing bf past 12 months, and said its important that he learns to have milky drinks from a beaker rather than a warm breast. She also repeatedly said my milk may not be good quality especially as a 3rd time mum, and may lack calcium (although I still have milk in my diet with no negative effects). Is this true?

On top of this his sleep is rubbish, he has 1-3 night feeds still and wakes early, and its taking its toll on me and dh. Keep trying to gear up to night weaning as I think this would give me a boost to keep bf a bit longer but he seems plagued by colds, teething etc which keep setting us back. He still feeds 4 times in day too- so often 7x in 24 hrs. Milk seems still quite fundamental to his diet and eating is bit up and down.

I'm feeling quite anxious about his health, sleep deprived, and worried that I've somehow let him go on feeding to frequently and I should have encouraged him to sleep better by now! He's quite a sensitive chap and really a mummy's boy, and can be very clingy at certain times in the day. Beyond 12 months bf feels like a bit of a leap into the unknown!

However I don't know if I want him slugging loads of soya milk - I have introduced soy yogurt which he likes, he won't he porridge with oat milk. He can have baked cows milk and egg so this is a bonus. Would a few more months bf provide enough milk. Common sense says yes but I'm feeling a bit tired and stressed and unsure of myself.

BertieBotts Sat 17-Nov-12 10:39:43

My friend is still feeding her almost 2 year old who suffers from multiple allergies smile

mamaonion Sat 17-Nov-12 13:32:34

Palaver when I went to specialist they did skin and blood test got many common allergens, followed up with food challenges to confirm ab

mamaonion Sat 17-Nov-12 13:34:11

About baked milk and eggs, and peanuts. Found he can tolerate milk and egg but as allergic to peanut specialist then said would assume allergic to nut and sesame as he had previously tested positively.

mimmymouse Sun 18-Nov-12 22:18:33

Sorry, not London. Oxford Radcliffe hospital. Also, we used Nutramigen 2 in cooking.

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