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Has anyone bf milk allergic baby past 12 months?

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mamaonion Thu 15-Nov-12 21:41:48

So will try to be concise!!! My 11 mo is allergic to milk, eggs, nuts peanuts and sesame. Before I knew all this I aimed to bf to 1yr and switch to cows milk. It's been a tough old slog in parts and would probably have caved around 9months if it wasn't for the allergy, as this is how far I made it with previous babies. But we're nearly there!

I saw a specialist dietician about how to accommodate the lack of food groups due to allergy, and she suggested soya/fortified coconut/oat milk as his main milk. She seemed very pro dairy substitutes in general in the diet and seemed a little cold in bf. She said there would, in her opinion, be no real benefit to continuing bf past 12 months, and said its important that he learns to have milky drinks from a beaker rather than a warm breast. She also repeatedly said my milk may not be good quality especially as a 3rd time mum, and may lack calcium (although I still have milk in my diet with no negative effects). Is this true?

On top of this his sleep is rubbish, he has 1-3 night feeds still and wakes early, and its taking its toll on me and dh. Keep trying to gear up to night weaning as I think this would give me a boost to keep bf a bit longer but he seems plagued by colds, teething etc which keep setting us back. He still feeds 4 times in day too- so often 7x in 24 hrs. Milk seems still quite fundamental to his diet and eating is bit up and down.

I'm feeling quite anxious about his health, sleep deprived, and worried that I've somehow let him go on feeding to frequently and I should have encouraged him to sleep better by now! He's quite a sensitive chap and really a mummy's boy, and can be very clingy at certain times in the day. Beyond 12 months bf feels like a bit of a leap into the unknown!

However I don't know if I want him slugging loads of soya milk - I have introduced soy yogurt which he likes, he won't he porridge with oat milk. He can have baked cows milk and egg so this is a bonus. Would a few more months bf provide enough milk. Common sense says yes but I'm feeling a bit tired and stressed and unsure of myself.

MangoLangoTango Thu 15-Nov-12 22:08:27

My son has an almost identical list of allergies and we have continued with the bf. He will take soya milk from a beaker but isn't keen on it. I thank my lucky stars every time he is ill with a bug that we kept up with the breast feeding, as with such a limited diet it's pretty hard to get enough calories in him when his appetite is poor.

I disagree with the dietitian actually. He either needs milk or he doesn't and if it is milk he needs then breast milk will be superior biologically to any alternative including cow's milk. Just make sure he gets enough red meat and green veg for iron and I give my DS vit D supplements as well. My dietiitian told me as long as I was breast feeding I wouldn't need to worry about his calcium intake. I however had to make sure mine was adequate and I take supplements whenever I can remember.

DS still has 3-4 feeds over the course of the evening and night. His eating has gradually improved. I understand the worry and the exhaustion. Everyday life is harder with allergies but you will get there. My son is now 17 months old and he probably gets most of his dietary calcium and fat from bf.

fraktion Thu 15-Nov-12 22:16:24

My DS isn't allergic but we don't have much cows milk/eggs. He still BFs at 18 months and that's the majority of his milk intake. BF is recommended until 2years and even beyond so yes, BM is perfectly acceptable. I'm baffled that it apparently isn't. Cows milk is a substitute for BM anyway.

mamaonion Thu 15-Nov-12 22:50:03

Thanks mango my middle dc is coeliac so no gluten, cooking and nutrition seem a bit of a nightmare. Thankfully the baby loves his meat and fruit, and is ok on veg, but like you u find the fat and calcium largely from bm.

I'm not sure why she seemed anti Bf past 12 months, was the vibe I got from her. She seemed to think my milk not good enough.I'm fine with dairy substitutes here and there but would rather find natural nutrition alternatives where I can.

MangoLangoTango Thu 15-Nov-12 23:13:09

I wouldn't worry about the quality of your breastmilk. Just ensure YOU get adequate nutrition (says she who ate toast for dinner) and be realistic about what breastmilk lacks ie iron and vit D. I've had to put up with a ridiculous amount of prejudice against bf past the age of 1 from health professionals but I am a bit diappointed that you were getting such vibes from a dietitian of all people. Feel free to pm me in the future if you would like a friendly ear, also the allergy board here is an amazing place for ideaa, recipes and support.

mamaonion Thu 15-Nov-12 23:27:46

I do feel like its a bit subversive past a year!!!! You dont get much encouragement. But in my heart feels right for him and I hope he will gradually cut down his milk intake in his 2nd yr. thanks again mango smile

trixymalixy Thu 15-Nov-12 23:36:46

My DS has a long list of allergies too. I bf him until he was 2 as all the hypo formulas were so vile, he didn't want them and I didn't really want him to have them.

I'm not a massive fan of dieticians, it was me that told the one I saw that rice milk had arsenic in and I had some bad advice about soya too. The one you saw seems to be talking bollocks too! Soya/oat/rice milk aren't nutritionally suitable as a main drink under the age of 2. If you give up bfing, a hypo formula should be prescribed.

I found bfing just became easier and easier as DS got older. I was pretty exhausted with it too at one point, but it was preferable to sterilising bottles every day.

Go with your instincts, and the bfing does get less exhausting honestly!

thereinmadnesslies Fri 16-Nov-12 00:14:27

I'm still BF my 3 yr old CMPI DS. The dietician was v encouraging to carry on past 12months. If you are comfortable carrying on, why shouldn't you?

Notanexcitingname Fri 16-Nov-12 00:30:40

I need to go to bed but I'm bf'ing CMPI DS2 who is knocking on for 4.

You dietician clearly knows nothing about lactation. Poor milk quality because you're a third time mum?????

There is no need to learn to drink milky drinks from a beaker. How often do you use a beaker ;) how often do you, in fact, drink milk ;). DS2's consultant was also luke wamr about my continuing to breastfeed and refusing hypoallergenic formula. On closer questioning, this is becuase he doubted my commitment and understand as to how much milk a toddler requires. Once I reassured him that I was prepared to feed on demand, he was quite happy (though thought I was nuts, I suspect). And everything I've ever read has said that oat milk/soya/coconut etc is an inappropriate substitute for breastmilk/formula/cow's milk for the over ones.

I agree with your dietician (as did the one DS2 saw) that there is no need to worry about calcium, provided you are taking enough, and considered other vitamins and minerals too. Our dietician warned against soya (in actual fact DS2 is intolerant of soya too, as are a large % of CMPI/allergic children).

and trixymalixy, rice milk does contain arsenic, that is why on the carton it clearly states it should not be consumed frequently in quantity by the under 5s. Unless this has changed in the last couple of years since I investigated.

Incidently, DS2 is partial to a drink of oat milk, from a beaker (well cup now he's older). Drinking breastmilk has had no impact on that, just like it doesn't affect his consumption of apple juice or water.

And lucky you, not having to eliminate dairy yourself. I was dairy-free for 18 months, no he's older, and barely feeding I don't have to worry.

mimmymouse Fri 16-Nov-12 01:14:31

BF my DD1, whose allergy list was jolly similar, to 16 mths on the advice of the allergy consultant. She was re-tested then and most of her allergies had disappeared. Consultant looked at me and said: "the healing power of breastfeeding!" Consultant said she wished more Mums fed past diagnosis of allergies ad it was the best way to reduce allergies in her opinion. Now, dieticians are paid to find alternatives on order to "balance" diets. The 3rd time Mum thing is just weird. As is the advice regarding soy. Our consultant told us that soy proteins were remarkably similar to CMP and were to be avoided. Certainly the few times we gave DD soy products, we had poor reactions.

I would have happily continued to BF but was, by that time 3 months pregnant with DD2!

CouthyMowEatingBraiiiiinz Fri 16-Nov-12 01:26:26

80% of DC's that are CMP allergic are also soy allergic, as the proteins are very similar.

Also, soy milk is not recommended as a replacement for young children any more, for various reasons - something to do with oestrogen or something.

Oat milks are not recommended as a main milk replacement before two.

Rice milk should NOT be used for under 5's.

Hypoallergenic formulas like Nutramigen and Neocate should be prescribed as a milk replacement.

My advice, as someone whose DS3 is CMP allergic and soy allergic? Carry on bf as long as you possibly can. It's a damn sight bloody easier once you are used to cutting out dairy in your own diet.

I had to stop for my own medical reasons at 12mo, and I wish I still was because its so much harder doing milk replacements!

I would feel more confident that he was getting an adequate amount if calcium etc if I was still bf.

CouthyMowEatingBraiiiiinz Fri 16-Nov-12 01:29:20

I have also found that hypo formula, at least Nutramigen which my DS3 is on, is stable enough to be used in cooking.

If I use block stork and flour, I can use the Nutramigen and make a white sauce ideal for lasagne and fish pies. I also make rice pudding for him with it, which he often has for breakfast instead of porridge.

CouthyMowEatingBraiiiiinz Fri 16-Nov-12 01:34:26

Mama - I also have a coeliac older DC. If you give me a few days, then over the weekend, if it will help, I can PM you some of my family meals that are CMP, nut, soy, gluten free.

Sometimes I end up doing a separate dish for DS3, say, for shepherd's pie, where the mince part is the same, but I've mashed his potatoes separately with block Stork, Pure or Vitalite instead of butter. So only a tiny bit of extra work.

And as the dish is big enough for two toddler sized meals, the other half can be frozen for another day!

TexMex Fri 16-Nov-12 01:37:58

I still b/f DD who is 2.9 and has CMP and soya allergies. She refused Neocate on cereal and to drink, so we used oat milk in cooking/on cereal from the age of 1 and carried on b/f and have continued as it works well. As others have said I make sure my calcium intake is higher and DD gets iron and vit D, currently she has vitamin drops as her diet isn't great (very picky eater due to sensory issues)

I hope you feel supported by this thread that you're not alone, I think sometimes health care professionals forget there are more flexible ways of going about things, and b/f was designed to provide what a young baby and child needs!

trixymalixy Fri 16-Nov-12 15:22:07

notanexcitingname rice milk does contain arsenic. The dietician I saw was recommending it for my under 2. I was quite shocked that she didn't know that it wasn't suitable for under 5s. I had to tell her that!!!

mamaonion Fri 16-Nov-12 22:59:09

Thanks for all the replies. I have tried to be really low key and not stressed about the allergies as going through coeliac diagnosis with ds2 was really harrowing, but hearing from other people in the same boat is comforting, and I think deep down I do worry about him quite a lot. He's so little still!

I seem to have received different advice to some of you, which is confusing. For instance I was told by dr and dietician that from 12 mths a fortified soya/oat milk would be fine as main milk, and that he probably wouldn't take neocate as it tates foul. This was on premise that I would bf til 1 yr. However, as I said I'm thinking of keeping up bf as he still relies so heavily on it for nutrition and I feel uneasy about so much soya (due to phyto oestrogen a for eg.). It seems counterintuitive that a completely artificial milk could be more nutritious than bm. I was also advised to get allergens he's nt sensitive to like soya into diet as this reduces likelihood of future allergies developing.

I also realise I should be grateful as he can be baked egg and milk, and can tolerate pure butter smile and milk in my diet seems to be ok.

Mimmy your consultant sounds pro bf-how refreshing. I'm soon going to seek an nhs referral (used private cover for diagnosis) I don't suppose you're around London area are you?

Couthy thanks for the offer I'm always up for new recipes- maybe we should start a multiple allergy recipe thread in allergies section!

Telmex and trixy thanks for the kind words!

Just one more thing, my baby is very clingy and cries a lot when I won't carry him around. He's gorgeous nd lovely but sometimes I find this really hard. Could this be due to allergies, like me still having dairy, or do you think it's quite common at this age? I really don't remember the others being like this, but then they are all different!

Jojay Fri 16-Nov-12 23:09:47

Interestingly my dietician told me that soya milk was ok as the main milk source from one - not two - as well. Unlike yours though, my dietician was very pro bfing.

My twins are both CMPA, and at at 16 months I still bfeed then morning and night, plus at any night wake ups. No plans to stop any time soon. To me is seems the best way of ensuring they get some good quality calcium in their diets.

And no-one has ever implied that my milk isn't good enough for them, despite them being dc3 and 4. How bizarre!

mamaonion Fri 16-Nov-12 23:15:18

Jojay well done bf twins at 16 months! Impressed!

steppemum Fri 16-Nov-12 23:33:15

a friend of ours had a baby who was very very sensitive to milk (and eggs). One drop of milk on her hand caused it to swell up. Her mum ate a diet that was dairy free and egg free. As a baby she was very ill until mum went dairy free.

Mum bf her until she was about 5. In that time she was pregnant with ds, and then bf both of them. It worked really well. She felt very stringly that it was the nest source of calcium she could provide.

I hadn't seen them for a while and when I met them when dd was 6 she had outgrown all the allergies except the egg, which was amazing as she was so sensitive.

Nonsensical Fri 16-Nov-12 23:46:55

My son had similar allergies and I carried on BF til just after he was 2 when I stopped as was pregnant with no.3. His sleep was pretty bad too but I don't think it was connected, I had stopped feeding at night when he was 1 and I went back to work and it didn't improve after I stopped BF (actually it got worse but I think that was down to moving house...). When i wasn't around he had neocate active, which they can have from 1 and is much less awful than neocate which he wouldn't touch. if you use neocate active I found a brilliant plastic bottle with a mixer ball thing from Lakeland which is the right size for a sachet and mixes it really well. We moved on to alpro junior 1+ soya milk later on which was fine for him. And just to encourage you, he has almost completely grown out of his allergies now at age 4 - something I never believed would happen when we were in the middle of allergy misery when he was a baby.
My son's dermatologist was very dismissive of BF too, even though he was only just 6 months when we first saw her (she was great in other ways!), she said bottle feeding was a "more organised" way of feeding an allergic baby!! But I just followed the same allergy free diet he did, which made it easier anyway and I felt it was really important given his allergies to carry on BF as long as possible; with all the odd vegan soya type things he had I felt at least my own milk was as natural as he could get! Would probably have lasted longer if hadn't been pg.
Good luck, hang in there, it really does get easier the bigger they get - even if they don't grow out of the allergies, it helps enormously once they understand them. My son used to ask waiters in restaurants if he coud have things (used to get a lot of blank looks!) And was fine about taking his own cakes to parties and things.

Nonsensical Fri 16-Nov-12 23:51:47

Also - I found the kings college hospital allergy clinic very helpful and supportive if you can get your GP to refer you

Startail Sat 17-Nov-12 00:42:54

DD2 isn't allergic to milk, she just hates it as does DH.
She BF for years and years and ate heaps of yoghurt.
Not drinking milk doesn't seem to matter at all.

mamaonion Sat 17-Nov-12 08:17:21

Thanks nonsensical, I'm at Kings with my other son for his coeliac.. However the specialist that diagnosed ds3 allergies is at guys 'evelina' unit. Kings is more convenient so maybe I'll go there, and my dr friend who works there was also saying its a good team. It's good to have personal recommendations!

OhWhatAPalaver Sat 17-Nov-12 10:31:12

i am having similar issues with 10 mo DD but i actually want to stop bf-ing at 12 months for my own reasons. thankfully DD doesn't seem to be allergic to soya but she hasn't had loads of it so not entirely sure. she is CMP allergic though and bizarrely comes out in a rash if banana touches her face.

i think i am going to have to get re-referred to allergy clinic/dietician as i don't really know what to do. she seems to like oat milk in porridge but that's the only thing i've tried it in. she is rubbish with a sippy cup and refuses bottles so i am in a bit of a dilemma as to what to do :/

i was thinking about trying wysoy and if she reacts to that then trying to get a hypo formula. does that sounds reasonable? i might try and get her another sippy cup as the tommy tippie one she currently has seems a bit rubbish.

i am also a total wuss and haven't tried giving her nuts yet!!

OhWhatAPalaver Sat 17-Nov-12 10:32:30

this tread has been quite helpful re: the hypo formulas. nice to know that neocate active isn't as horrid as the others smile thanks folks!

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