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Some days 3 week old baby is hungry, other days less so...

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Londonmrss Wed 14-Nov-12 15:28:10

Is that normal? I'm feeding a combination of expressed milk and direct from breast due to problems starting breastfeeding (we're getting there gradually).
Some days she seems to want 60-80ml every 2-3 hours or even up to 100ml, and some days just 30-40ml, much less often. Should I be worried? I'm a bit paranoid because she was hospitalised with jaundice at 2 days and we had to carefully monitor the amount she was eating for a couple of weeks to make sure she got enough. It's only now at 3 weeks old that it has finally cleared her system and I trust her to know how much she wants to eat... And now she's having a less hiungry day. She's a healthy size and weight- 3.59kg at birth, now 3.95kg- and was born at exactly 40 weeks (to the day!)
Any advice appreciated. Thanks.

tiktok Wed 14-Nov-12 18:18:42

london, nothing you say in your post sounds unusual....we know from research that babies' intake varies sometimes quite wildly from feed to feed and from day to day, and of course normally if you were solely bf you would not have a clue how much in volume terms your baby would be taking smile

Your guide is your baby's behaviour, her weight, her overall well-being, and it's not at all surprising your confidence is a bit wobbly after that difficult start. It will take time to really trust that she's getting what she needs.

Babies are human beings, not programmable robots smile, and their needs for breastmilk will differ day by day - sometimes she will need more/less than others, and sometimes she will want the closeness and comfort and contact of bf more/less than other's all ok.

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