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Some Qs about oversupply and block feeding

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Smicha Tue 13-Nov-12 20:36:08

I had thought my 7 week old was very colicky in the evening, but then I started to notice that he was screaming when on the breast quite frequently and that when he came off I was capable of squirting jets of milk across the room!! So I did a bit of research and believe I have an oversupply based on meeting pretty much all of the criteria here I tried calling La Leche League today but no counsellors were available to pick up, so I'll try again in the morning, but in the meantime I was hoping someone on MN might be able to help...

I have started feeding from one breast for two hours and will continue this for a while to see if it works before perhaps trying the more extreme solution suggested and alllowing one breast to become uncomfortably full. However, DS is getting better at spacing out his feeds and does sometimes go over two hours, should I therefore offer the same breast for 3-4 hours instead as I was feeding from one breast at each feed beforehand anyway?

What if I really need to express - eg I have a hospital appointment next week and wasn't planning on taking him with me - would expressing now cause chaos with solving the oversupply issue?

I have already had mastitis which required antibiotics and as a result have been quite conscious of emptying my breasts and pumping once a day. I realise now this could have caused the oversupply, but could stopping this and adopting block feeding lead to a return of the mastitis as the breasts aren't being emptied as frequently?

Thanks in advance for any answers you can give to put my mind at rest this evening! I plan to chat to a LLL counsellor tomorrow if I can get through.

NorthernNumpty Tue 13-Nov-12 21:03:47

Oversupply seems to be a much less common issue, I had it. I could fill a bottle off one breast just letting it drip whilst DS was feeding from the other! Does your other breast leak when feeding?
Could it be an issue with fast let down or is he fussing the whole feed?
I never found a solution to it just battled on through one breast each feed, but it settled within a few weeks by itself really

Smicha Tue 13-Nov-12 21:19:43

Hi northern yes I leak from the other breast when feeding but he doesn't fuss for the whole feed, unless he is particularly worked up, so I think perhaps fast let down could be an issue too. When I express I can fill a bottle in minutes!

NorthernNumpty Tue 13-Nov-12 21:31:49

I would look at the tips for fast let down. I am sure it will pass, my oversupply was at its peak between 5-8 weeks then settled down completely. I am still known as the Dairy Queen however!
I think LLL are probably a good option if you want advice. My NCT counsellor didn't really know what to suggest as I suppose they are more used to people worrying about under supply.

FadBook Tue 13-Nov-12 21:38:17

I too could fill a bottle very quickly and had a fast let down / over supply too. Kelly mom website offers some good advice, especially the positioning and phyiscally how to block feed.

If you have been expressing or plan to express daily, could you not store some up in the freezer to cover your hospital appointment? Even if you express a couple of onces off a day over 3 days will give you enough for one feed.

I must admit, I didn't use MN in the early days of me breastfeeding and so I wasn't as "in the know" as perhaps I am now. For that reason, I did just express as and when I needed to, in order to go out to appointments and leave DD. I'd then feed DD when I was with her and the next day, my supply would alter slightly. I'd never leave her for long hours (literally, perhaps one feed) and looking back, it probably did mean my supply was a bit up/down during that particular 24 hour period, but not to an uncomfortable stage (if it was, I'd just express off a little in to a jug to feel more comfortable). I suppose I'm trying to say, that your hospital appointment shouldn't mess up your supply too much. Maybe take your pump with you incase you are uncomfortable on the way home!

Smicha Tue 13-Nov-12 22:21:30

Thanks for the tips and suggestions. Just had a look at kellymom and the tips on positioning are really helpful.

I just hope this passes soon! It isn't really causing me any issues but I get so distressed when ds screams and screams and am desperate to do something to ease his discomfort.

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