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Preparing for longhaul (Ireland to NZ) with 5 week old FF baby

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Zara1984 Tue 13-Nov-12 15:37:11

Hi all

Am travelling to NZ at the end of the month with DS who will be 5 weeks at that stage. The plan was to breastfeed but that hasn't worked at all sad so now am trying to figure out what I need to do/pack to formula feed him. It's making my head spin because I did not plan at all on having to formula feed and now I'm having to figure all this out on top of figuring out how to look after a baby generally confused

We are flying Air NZ, transiting thru Heathrow & LAX.

From other threads/research I understand its not so safe to make up powdered formula on the plane - due to getting access to cool boiled water etc, and having access to sterilised bottles for 30+ hours travel. The prepacked Aptamil cartons (but with what disposable bottle?! I can't seem to find any that are suitable for babies younger than 3 months!) or SMA easy feed 250ml bottles + pre-sterilised teats seem good - but by the sounds of things they will get taken off me by Heathrow security. I know I can reserve pre-made liquid baby food at the airside Boots, but what happens when I get to LAX?? Will LAX security let me take eg unopened SMA easyfeed 250ml bottles in my carry-on? I'm going to need quite a lot of premade stuff for that length of flight.

HELP!!!!! Has anyone else done this?? About to call the airline but I'm not entirely confident that the person at the call centre is going to know what I should do...

Going to post this in Longhaul too....

Zara1984 Wed 21-Nov-12 08:25:42

Going for 2 months so it would be handy to have the steriliser on balance I reckon.

And yes, plenty of Lyons Gold will be packed, and DH will be bringing more at Christmas! Jaysus I can't be drinking de poxy Kiwi tea anymore grin

Zara1984 Wed 21-Nov-12 08:39:14

Also does anyone know is it easy to get babies to take a bottle or dummy during take-off & climb? Am worried he will howl from sore ears otherwise. I can't really hold him off eating until we're about to go, as when he's hungry he goes from hands in mouth to purple-faced screaming in about 2 minutes confused and his dummy gets angrily spat out...

Zara1984 Fri 07-Dec-12 03:47:31

Update! We did the trip a week ago and it was a breeze! That Milton Travel Steriliser is the business!

I packed 4 bottles, pre-sterilised at home. I used the first two from Dublin>London>Los Angeles, washing and swapping into the steriliser after each feed. Then when I got to LA I started to use the other 2 bottles instead through to Auckland (b/c they were still within the 24 hour sterile window). When I got to Auckland I still had another 3 hour car journey, so it was great to have the other two bottles (still within the 24 hour sterile window from LA) ready to go.

Having 4 bottles was excellent b/c it meant I always had backup clean bottles if I couldn't do a wash & swap in the plane loo - eg due to turbulence.

My hands were dry as a bone from the detergent & Milton but who cares - DS had perfectly clean & sterile bottles all the way through our 35 + hour journey.

No problem at all with getting my cartons through Heathrow security, but was very handy picking the bulk of them up from Boots. You can now pre-order on Heathrow website instead of having to call them.

I practiced my little wash & sterilise system (and tearing Aptamil cartons with my hands!) a few days beforehand at home.

Would suggest to anyone reading this that you use big ziplock to keep
filled steriliser in & washing utensils & liquid.

Am eternally in debt to forevergreek and cheungfun for your excellent advice - THANK YOU!!

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