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7 months dropping breast feeds

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moojie Sun 11-Nov-12 11:02:24

Ds2 is now 7 months and is babyled weaning. Since he started a week before 6 months he has been chewing and swallowing.

He is now eating 3 big meals a day. Mainly savoury stuff as not a fan of fruit but loves chicken, broccoli and cheese toasties!

He is demand breastfed however has never demanded much and as a result dropped from 75th centile at birth to 9th at 6 mo. Now gained 1 lb in 2 weeks so back on 25th.

Last few days he has been reducing feeds so only taking one side per feed which is usually 4 mins or so. Feeds 5 feeds a day and includes a dreamfeed.

Is he too young to be dropping feeds? Should I cut back on what I offer him or leave him to decide what he needs?

wewereherefirst Sun 11-Nov-12 11:09:48

Its fairly normal to drop feeds as solids are introduced, you can try to offer more feeds of you feel he needs it, is he reaching the milestones and doing plenty of wet and dirtynnappies? If he is id be inclined to leave him.

My son has followed a similar path on the centile charts but I place more emphasis on milestones and wet/dirty nappies.

moojie Sun 11-Nov-12 11:16:22

Yes I've not been worried about his weight and hv's have been really supportive as I was clear with them that I had plenty of milk just Ds didn't want!

Developmentally fine I think. Sitting independently, rolling. No attempts to crawl yet but I think that's ok. Ds1 was super early physically and bruising round everywhere at this age!

I have tried randomly offering but he gets cross as soon as I lie him on my lap. The one time I did manage to get him on he bit me so not pushed it again!

moojie Sun 11-Nov-12 11:17:03

Cruising not bruising!

picklesrule Mon 12-Nov-12 15:36:59

I don't have much that's helpful to add but I am in exactly the same place as you! Ds is 7mths, blw and eating like a horse! Dd took ages to start eating properly so it's all happened a bit quickly this time.. He is dropping feeds too and I was a bit worried he might not be getting the right balance of nutrients (although is eating a real mix)
I read somewhere that milk should still be the bulk of their diet but surely if blw they are kind of making sure they get what they need??

teacher123 Mon 12-Nov-12 16:41:56

My DS is 6 1/2 months, I've been weaning for a month and his feeds have dropped right down. Yesterday he bit me when I tried to offer him anymore! He's gone from feeding on demand to having 4 feeds a day and usually one or two overnight. When he was ebf I fed completely on demand, and he used to feed approx every 2 hours. He's now eating 3 big meals a day, and I'm trying to get him onto formula in readiness for my return to work. He's now having milk at the following times:
For the last five days I have managed to substitute the 11am feed for formula, and next week am going to try to swap the afternoon feed with the aim of having all feeds on formula by Christmas.... We shall see how we go with that...! I am working on the principle that if he is hungry or thirsty he will ask for more milk. He is also having water to drink with his meals as I am a bit worried about him getting dehydrated. Guidelines say 500-600 ml of milk a day, and it can also be in food like cereal etc.

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