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Anyone else's nearly 6 month old...

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jetstar Sat 10-Nov-12 21:42:40

EBF baby who used to sleep quite well (10 - 5) now waking 3 times a night for feeds? Watcha doing about it? I am trying really hard to 'go with the flow' but I'm not really liking it sad Baby sleeps in room with me and after initial feeding to sleep goes into cot but when she wakes in the night she comes in with me.
Any thoughts? I will be starting her on solids next week - is it too much to hope that it will make a difference?

jaggythistle Sat 10-Nov-12 22:12:48

sorry in advance...

mine is 6.5 months and still up and down a lot. he's been having some solids for a couple of weeks which has made no difference. he's not as enthusiastic about food as his brother was though.

I'm just going with it and taking him in beside me for part of the night when i get too tired as well. i did pretty much the same last time, except i was too nervous to co sleep so slept in a chair a lot...

we've not had any 10-5 nights. envy we did have a few weeks with only one or 2 wake ups, but that was before the dreaded 4 months.


DS2 has now moved in with his brother as I wanted him to get used to it for me going back to work. it's so much more effort having to get out of bed!

MistressIggi Sat 10-Nov-12 22:46:14

Mine hasn't really slept well either, a great night is two feeds, a more typical one is about 4. He will fall asleep feeding and when gently lowered into bedside crib - wide awake and complaining. Sometimes if I relent and lie down with him he falls asleep without any milk - just wanted to be held I suppose.
On Monday (a few days shy of 6 months) I'm going to start solids, and also moving up to a cot in our room. Here's hoping one of these will do the trick!
So sorry Jetstar, no advice but sympathy!

feekerry Sat 10-Nov-12 23:05:17

Hi. My ebf dd has always been a relatively good sleeper but has been a bit hit and miss since 6 months. Doesn't wake at all on a good night but sometimes wakes up to 4 times on a bad night. I know it's hard but i just go with it. It's easier just tofeed her back to sleep!

jetstar Sun 11-Nov-12 00:27:03

Here we are again. It is just easier to feed her and she does go back to sleep in bed with me.
Thanks for everyone's replies - eyes are too heavy to type much right now - sorry. Wishing you all good nights.

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