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3 weeks not at birth weight.

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snowchick1977 Sat 10-Nov-12 01:42:29

Briefly...dd born 21 days ago 6lb 14 oz and ebf.

Day 5 - 6lb 3oz
Day 7 - 6lb 5oz
Day 10 - 6lb 3oz
Day 12 - 6lb 4oz
Day 14 - 6lb 5oz
Day 20 - 6lb 7oz

So, still not back at birth weight. Went to see lactation consultant who checked latch, feeding, tongue etc and said she is a good feeder. Lent me a pump. I pump about 25mls and offer her top up after each feed.

She is plotting on the 2nd centile and the midwife has discharged us today.

Not sure what I'm after...maybe just a bit of encouragement that all is ok, I had to fight a bit to let me keep feeding her. Could it be that she is just slow to put on weight?

Doubting myself massively

snowchick1977 Sat 10-Nov-12 01:45:18

Ps I offer her top up by syringe - should I get a bottle? Also she still struggles to latch on and cries due to wind. Should I try infacol yet? And when will she "get it" ie: when will she latch on first time?

NervousAt20 Sat 10-Nov-12 01:48:27

Hey sorry your having a rough time, I dot really know what advice to Give but have you tried a ready feedin support group? My DD is 3 weeks old today too and we had a few problems when she was younger and I phoned this group and a lovely lovely lady came out to us and went through everything was so helpful an phones up now to see how we're getting on

Hope this bumps it up for you and someone will be along with lots of good advice soon x

LavenderPots Sat 10-Nov-12 02:28:19

maybe instead of just offering top ups could you pump an entire feed (into a bottle) so you can see how much she is taking? after feeding is she sick? I would (at most) only get her weighted once a week as in a day or two it doesn't really show a good picture, have you tried lying her on her front across your knees to get up excess wind?? did the midwife/health visitor / anyone have any idea as to why she wasn't outting on weight? 2nd centile isn't too bad but if she keeps putting on so little/ not gaining you may be having trouble with the quality of your milk.

Salhal Sat 10-Nov-12 02:41:35

Try not to worry.
Is she having lots of wet and dirty nappies?
There is nothing wrong with 2nd centile, someone has to be on it!
Keep just feeding her whenever she seems hungry.
In my experience all new babies are windy, just keep winding her in a variety of positions and then re-offer her the breast.
You are doing a fab job.
The midwife wouldn't have signed you off if she was worried.
Weighing once a week is a good idea (rather than every day).
It does get lots easier.

LadyCurd Sat 10-Nov-12 02:51:37

Don't panic, both of mine took 5 and 6weeks to regain birthweight. It was a mission but we got there and now thriving 3&1year old.
Lots and lots of skin to skin and feed pretty much constantly.
Hire a hospital grade pump from NCT and pump after every feed and offer as top up. Take fenugreek to increase supply.
Good luck but try not to panic!

Lily1982 Sat 10-Nov-12 04:13:44

My baby took nearly 5 weeks to regain birth weight with similar pattern to you. After 3 weeks I asked to see local infant feeding specialist and she diagnosed posterior tongue tie. This was removed at 3.5 weeks and my baby started to gain immediately 6 - 7 oz a week. Feeding specialist great source of info on lots of issues not just tt. Breastmilk so good for baby so worth asking for support.

May not be tt in your case but ask midwife team or your health visitor for the local infant feeding specialist's number.

Good luck.

snowchick1977 Sat 10-Nov-12 04:32:29

Thanks everyone. I have a hospital grade pump which is great. I'm worried that the midwife has signed us off as I feel like a bit of the support network has gone.

At 3 weeks should she be latching on first time every time? I've had her checked for tongue tie.

Could it really be an issue with the quality of my milk? If so, I should probably give up now then

ElphabaTheGreen Sat 10-Nov-12 04:58:09

Right - big NO to introducing a bottle if you're having latch problems. She'll find the bottle much easier to use and may start to lose interest in boob altogether. Carry on with the syringe or, far better yet, switch nurse. After she's finished both sides, put her back on the first side again, then just keep switching sides every time she comes off until she can't take any more in. She'll be getting all of her 'top-ups' directly from the source, which will encourage her to latch as it will maximise her close contact with you, and give your breasts the best possible stimulation they need to learn how much milk and how often your DD needs it.

There is nothing wrong with your milk, that's for sure. She is gaining steadily, not losing. I doubt the midwife would have discharged you if her weight was an ongoing concern. I would second limiting how much she gets weighed - it sounds like it's just making you anxious. 'The clue is in the poo' - if she's producing sufficient dirty and wet nappies and is alert during her awake times, those are far more important indicators of all being well than numbers on a scale.

It can't hurt to have her checked out for tongue-tie. There are a list of signs in this article so you can see if there's anything else that fits that you could tell a lactation consultant about who could check her out.

When she'll latch? No crystal ball here sorry smile but do everything you can to encourage feeding - skin to skin, offer feeds frequently (at least every two hours, or even more frequently when awake), switch nursing as I described above. Having a bath with your baby is meant to be helpful and look up 'biological nurturing' on YouTube as this is often a recommended way to encourage reluctant latchers. Definitely keep getting RL support from anywhere and everywhere - BFing counsellors, lactation consultants, NCT groups and breast feeding cafes and La Leche League.

You're doing great - keep going smile

Gingerbreadlatte Sat 10-Nov-12 04:59:20

Hi Snow, I had this issue with Dd 1 and it was hellishly stressful. Though she was born at 10lb 12 and didn't regain for ages and ages

I retrospect I wish I'd said no more weigh ins as the stress was badly affecting my supply. My issue I think was late first feed and just not feeding enough plus the stress

Your milk quality will be fine it is probably still establishing at 3 wks. Please don't give up- if you want to do it exclusively BF is such a pleasure once established.

Have you been to a local bf cafe? La ledge league have loads of meets. There might be some practical tips to help.

Good luck.

Whatevertheweather Sat 10-Nov-12 05:15:06

Please don't panic. My dd is 12 weeks and we started like you. She was born at 6lbs 6ozs and dropped to 5lbs 9ozs. She was over 3 weeks before she was past birth weight. I fed her religiously 2 hourly even setting an alarm to wake her through the night. It was pretty brutal but by 4 weeks she was over birth weight and I stopped the 2 hourly feeds and fed on demand.

At 12 weeks she is now 12lbs 4ozs and on 50th centile so once she started to gain it went on very rapidly. She was also quite windy and unsettled and sicky though gaining weight - she was diagnosed with reflux last week and has infant gaviscon and is like a different baby. So much happier.

You are doing a great job - she is gaining every week.

LavenderPots Sat 10-Nov-12 20:09:44

talk to your health visitor about worries - you should have their number in red book they will help you with breast feeding support groups too, dont stress i'm sure yourr doing great =]

snowchick1977 Sun 11-Nov-12 14:45:22

Thankyou so much for all of your advice.

My daughter has now caught a cold and is struggling the breathe through her nose and its making feeding more difficult than it already is and she really needs to put on weight.

Im worried sick now. How can i help her?

ElphabaTheGreen Sun 11-Nov-12 15:38:45

My DS doesn't like to feed with a cold either - it doesn't last long, honestly!

Get some saline drops from the chemist (Nasosal I think it's called) and this will help loosen the congestion. You can also get these things to suck the gunk out with - I think they're a bit controversial, but as long as you don't stick them too far into the nostrils you can get a lot of stuff out which has got to be more comfortable.

I think a lot of the reason they don't feed is because they get filled up with mucous from their sinuses. There's not really anything you can do but it doesn't matter for the short time it lasts. Please, please try not to worry. Your baby will be fine. x

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