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Formula intake reducing. Is this normal?? Sorry, long explanantion!!!

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Dmum Mon 05-Jan-04 10:33:24

My ds is 8 months old and sleeping well. The problems have started recently with his formula. He was solely bf to 5 months, then I introduced formula in his food when I started weaning him. I then introduced two formula feeds during the day and bf in the morning and before bed. I kept this routine till he was 7 months and then switched him onto 4 formula feeds. He quickly lost interest in the mid-morning feed and I stopped this completely. His feeding routine is now as follows 3 formula feeds (1st thing, mid-afternoon and before bed), solids (1st thing, lunch and dinner). The problem is, he doesn't seem very interested in the formula any more. He'll take about 5oz in the morning, 1-2oz mid-afternoon and about 6-7oz before bed. He also has about 3oz in food, plus 2 fromage frais. This is nowhere near the 21oz recommended. I've tried moving feeds around, putting the formula in a cup, etc, but it hasn't made any difference. Maybe this is perfectly normal, in which case I'm stressing about nothing!! Any advice or suggestions?

Kyliebump Mon 05-Jan-04 11:12:17

Sounds fine to me - I understand the stress though as my DS never got anywhere near the 21oz either. From the figures you give, on a good day, your ds would be drinking 14oz as milk, then another 3 in food, so you're up to 17oz and then the 2 fromage frais, so you are probably nearer to the 21oz than you think anyway.

I managed to control my stress by reassuring myself that as long as I was offering him milk regularly (ie at the times that you are doing), then he would take what he needed. I would also offer water from a cup in between times, just to reduce my stress about dehydration - he never used to drink much, but it made me feel better about it!

If he is well and growing then try and relax!

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