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Hipp Organic stopping pre made stage 1 milk

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Pootle78 Thu 08-Nov-12 21:09:30

Don't know if it's been mentioned on here before but was told by staff in Morrisons that the 200ml pre-made carton is being discontinued. So bought all 8 cartons in their, no space on shelf in Asda or Sainsbury's and only 1 in Tesco!

Is anyone aware whether they are brining out something else (1 litre bottles etc?) I know they do 6 premade sterilised bottles with teats but for £8.50 it's a bit ott!


vodkaanddietirnbru Thu 08-Nov-12 21:18:33

why not contact them and see what they say

TheNameisNOTZiggy Thu 08-Nov-12 22:48:56

Oh no. They were a godsend when PFB was small & we had bf problems so needed to top up. I hope they are not stopping. The 200ml was perfect for daytime top ups.

thehumanegg Fri 09-Nov-12 14:10:17

Please let me know if you hear anything else about this - we're using tonnes of these! Litre bottles would be nice (as would foil pulls on the carton to save packing scissors - why does no one do this?)

thehumanegg Fri 09-Nov-12 14:14:09

(By me I mean this thread - sounds like I'm demanding pm's otherwise!)

StrawberrytallCAKE Fri 09-Nov-12 14:30:03

Marking place for further info.

Spoiltexpatbrat Fri 09-Nov-12 15:48:41


Spoiltexpatbrat Fri 09-Nov-12 15:49:31

Op you have mail, check your inbox wink

For everyone waiting the op has the answer...

Pootle78 Fri 09-Nov-12 20:51:28


I have spoken to Hipp today and has a pm (thanks spoilt ) the good news it is not being discontinued (hooray!) but Morrisons may be phasing it out but if you have problems getting it, speak to your local store and tell them there is a market for it and also phone up hipp as they will get their account managers to check why it's gone off the shelf and if you have any problems buying it. Then amazon sell it in packs!

StrawberrytallCAKE Sat 10-Nov-12 02:33:50

Excellent news especially regarding amazon, thank you!

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