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Sleeping in day and awake ALL night :(

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Izzybuzzybuzzybees Wed 07-Nov-12 09:08:32

My one week old DS has given me a horrendous 2 nights and I'm looking for advice.

Yesterday he was quite content after his feeds during the day, going nice 3 hour stretches during the day. When midwife was out she sais not to let him go more than 3 hours during the day and to let him do his own thing at night. We tried this but from around 11pm he kept feeding with no sleep between. He got more abs more fussy til around 3.30pm where is screaming woke my daughter (3yr). He eventually latched on and took a feed and ny husban settled him. I'm sure it was around 6am but hubby reckons it was nearer 4.30pm. I slept on the couch as comfier to fees down here. DS is still sleeping and I'm nor sure what is best to do?!

My boobs last night felt so empty and as I have flat nipples he was struggling to latch which I don't think helped at all. I have a latch assist and used that to help.

Another thing I'm worries about is that he keeps choking on my milk and struggling to breathe for a min when I sit him up!

Last night was so bad my DH suggested formula but the night before when he was as fussy we offered him expressed milk ans he wouldn't take it at all .

All advice welcome abd excuse the typos .

ZuleikaD Wed 07-Nov-12 12:04:31

He's only a week old, don't worry. He hasn't got his circadian rhythms sorted out yet and doesn't know night from day. Take him out as much as possible during daylight and it should sort itself out in a couple of weeks and he'll sleep better at night.

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