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Feeding / sleep issues

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tiggy02 Mon 05-Nov-12 14:39:38

My 9wk old DS goes to bed at 7pm and sleeps soundly until we wake him at 10.00pm for another feed. He then goes through to 1 or 2 am. After that my night is a nightmare! He wakes between every half hour to every hour and a half until 7am. He has a small amount of milk (he is solely BF) and then goes back to sleep until the next time. He is also usually struggling with wind/ reflux at this time. The wind and reflux seem to be getting better but he still wakes. He doesn't sleep much in the day so i dont think thats it. HAs anyone any ideas on how to get him to sleep more - i am not sure if he's hungry or in a habit of waking. Ideally i would continue to jut BF but if its hunger then i would give formula. How do i tell which it is?

ZuleikaD Mon 05-Nov-12 14:46:40

What are his daytime feeds like? When does he wake if you don't wake him up for a dreamfeed? It's common for the first sleep of the night to be the longest, but by waking him up you may be disrupting his pattern. He might otherwise go through till 11, for example, and then need feeds at 1, 3 and 5 before being up for good at 7. It would be perfectly normal for a 9 week old to need that many feeds (or more) overnight.

tiktok Mon 05-Nov-12 14:47:24

tiggy, where does he sleep? Would co-sleeping be a safe option for you?

What makes you think he is waking with wind?

tiggy02 Mon 05-Nov-12 15:18:14

day time feeds ar elike his sleep - short. When we dont wake him he wakes at 11 or 12 and then is up hourly from then (or he was last time we did this a few weeks ago). I will try it tonight though!
He sleeps in a moses basket to the side of my bed, lthough he will be too big for it soon as he's over a stone in weights and about 2ft long. He does sleep with us every night when i've lost the will to live at about 3 am.
I think hes got wind as i an hear his stomach gurgling from my bed.

tiktok Mon 05-Nov-12 16:15:29

Tiggy you could certainly explore safe co-sleeping - it would make life a lot easier. I also agree it is worth trying to go with his pattern, rather than waking him, at the moment, anyway.

Gurgling sounds from a tummy are normal - they don't mean the baby is in the least bothered by it smile He could be simply waking 'cos that's what some 9 weekers do, and they are more peaceful and easier to settle if they are already co-sleeping (though they may well continue to wake).

tiggy02 Mon 05-Nov-12 16:23:43

thanks - will give it a go.
Also do you know if when he is chewing his hands if he is hungry or just because he likes to?

MrsHoarder Mon 05-Nov-12 16:29:09

Why don't you go to bed when he does for a while. Then when he sleeps 4-5 hours between bedtime and next feed, you can too.

Although my ds has never been to need before 9pm. We just let him sleep later.

tiggy02 Mon 05-Nov-12 16:34:01

mrshoarder, i do! im in bed by 8pm but still shattered and he hardly sleeps in the day

tiktok Mon 05-Nov-12 16:58:40

tiggy, chewing hands is what young babies do, and what they also do is feed a lot smile

Just offer a feed whenever you think he might accept one - it doesn't matter if sometimes you offer and all he wanted to do was to have a good ol' chew on his hands smile

ZuleikaD Mon 05-Nov-12 17:09:31

If you think he's not sleeping enough in the daytime (and from memory at this point both mine were awake for about 90 minutes then asleep for 45) you could try popping him in a sling. It's very good for their development and means they often sleep more too. And more sleep during the day frequently means better sleep at night.

needsadviceplease Mon 05-Nov-12 17:17:15

Huge sympathies. It is very tough. I have to say - maybe others will disagree - but I think that is a very, very normal sleep pattern. It's not dissimilar to what 6mo ds has done most of his life (sometimes a bit better, sometimes worse). Co sleeping can really help but when your baby is waking every cycle (ie every 40 mins) it's v hard to appreciate that! I don't think there's a lot you can do tbh. By all means fill him up in the day, try to catch up on sleep early evening, see if you can grab a nap together. But the most helpful thing for me was to shift my expectations: I have a young baby who needs frequent comforting, even if he doesn't 'need' such frequent nutrition. It's physiologically normal and it won't last forever. I'm now very very grateful for any night where he goes 2-hourly throughout, and I let everything else slide. From a distance, I am hugely proud of my nighttime parenting. It's such a bloody hard thing and we all just keep doing it, night after sleepless night.

That 'we' includes bf and ff mums, btw. For every creeping thought about a bottle maybe helping ds sleep a bit longer, I shudder at the thought of getting out of bed to make up a bottle. It's all hard, and waking is normal normal normal.

tiggy02 Mon 05-Nov-12 17:22:39

thankyou all xxx i will tell myself normal normal normal at 3am :-) lol x

Loislane78 Tue 06-Nov-12 20:34:23

Hi tiggy just wanted to say my experience is similar (ish) at almost 12 weeks and all sounds normal (if not a little knackering!):

Bed at 7 or a bit earlier. Often goes through to about 1, second feed around 4 or 5 and up at 7 (I'm lucky). Feeds every 3 hrs in the day. First sleep always the longest and at 9 weeks I don't think you need to wake at 10pm for a 3-hrly feed so as others have said, I wouldn't wake and see what happens. Aside from too much MN (!) I go to bed early to catch some zzzz's.

Lots of finger/wrist chewing too, when not hungry. Looks like she's trying to swallow her whole fist, starting to get dribble everywhere but she seems to enjoy it smile

Loislane78 Tue 06-Nov-12 20:38:17

Oh and loads of tummy rumblings/gurgling here too. V rarely wind for my one. I can tell as she's either unsettled or bringing knees up to chest and maybe straining. If settled otherwise, I'd guess your LO is nicely full up and just digesting smile

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